Donald Trump news today: Mike Lindell says the FBI confiscated his phone, while Trump posts weird QAnon photo

Liz Cheney says the new revelations reveal the real “danger” to Trump

Mike Lindell, a pro-Donald Trump conspiracy theorist and CEO of My Pillow, said Tuesday that the FBI confiscated his cell phone at a fast food restaurant in Minnesota.

strong chair House Oversight Committee The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was asked to determine whether any other records that should have been given to the archive at the end of Mr Trump’s term were still missing.

In a letter to Actress Debra Wall, US Archivist Caroline Maloney He raised the possibility that Mr. Trump would continue to keep stolen government records at properties other than the Florida Beach Club where he maintains his private residence.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department summoned dozens of current and former Trump aides as part of its investigation into the storming of the Capitol, some of whom even had their phones confiscated.

The department also said it was willing to accept a candidate from Trump’s team to serve as a “special master” reviewing records seized by the FBI in Mar-a-Lago.


Giuliani’s ex-wife says he’s embarrassing himself

Rudy GiulianiHer ex-wife claims that the man she’s been married to for more than 20 years bears little resemblance to the election-denying Trump critic she sees in today’s political arena.

Judith Giuliani said in an interview with Inside EditionIt is scheduled to air Tuesday evening. “We were for a long time a very good team. Then things changed.”

Joanna Chisholm has the story.


Fox News anchor says Republicans are ‘going the wrong way’ by banning abortion

Fox News chief political presenter Brett Baer warned Republicans they are “going the wrong way” heading into the midterm elections after Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a proposal to ban abortion for 15 weeks nationwide.

Appearing alongside John Roberts on the show America reports On Tuesday afternoon, Bayer sounded the alarm that the party’s attempts to restrict and criminalize access to abortion would upend their efforts to retake the US House and Senate in November.

“I think Dobbs and the US Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade had a huge impact on independents and women in particular — and on suburban voting districts in particular,” Beyer said.

“And now with Sean Graham’s efforts, it’s surprising about — are Republicans going the wrong way with a nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks, after they said it was up to states in Dobbs’ wake?”


Justice Department warns against delaying Trump investigation

Yesterday, the Department of Justice stormed the lawyers of former President Donald Trump for delaying the investigation of classified documents confiscated at his resort in Florida.

The Chamber said in a memorandum to the court: “The plaintiff [Trump] He described the government’s criminal investigation as a “document storage dispute” or “a overdue library book scenario.” “

According to NBC News, “By doing so, the plaintiff failed to address the potential damages that might result from mishandling of confidential information or the strict requirements of law for handling such material.”

It added that the documents contained “signs that unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to result in harm to national security,” including “exceptionally significant harm.”

Further delay could cause “irreparable harm” to the government and the public.

The department also urged District Judge Elaine Cannon to allow it to move forward with her criminal investigation into more than 100 classified documents retrieved from the 45th president’s Mar-a-Lago resort.


Lindsey Graham unveils nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a nationwide abortion ban on Tuesday, sending shock waves through both parties ahead of the midterm elections.

Graham’s Republican Party leaders did not immediately adopt his own anti-abortion bill, which would ban the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy with rare exceptions, and it has almost no chance of becoming law in the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Democrats set it on fire as a worrying signal about where the MAGA Republicans would go if they win control of the House and Senate in November.

“America has got to make some decisions,” Graham said at a news conference at the Capitol.


Who is Raymond Deere, the Brooklyn judge who wants Trump to be a “special master”?

Donald Trump’s legal team has proposed appointing Judge Raymond Deere a “special chief” to review top-secret documents captured during FBI raid Mar Ago.

ex-president and Department of Justice had earlier come to the rare agreement that a special master, or a court-appointed legal professionalshould be assigned to this process.

Shweta Sharma is looking into the proposal of the former president for the position.


ICYMI: Department of Justice accepts Trump nominee as ‘special master’ in classified papers investigations

The Department of Justice He said he was willing to accept a candidate I applied Donald TrumpLegal team as “Private Master” to review highly confidential documents captured during FBI raid Mar Ago.

Federal prosecutors said in a suit late Monday that Senior Judge Raymond Deere is admissible, along with his two nominations, retired federal judges Barbara Jones and Thomas Griffiths.

“They each have significant judicial experience, during which they have overseen federal criminal and civil cases, including federal cases involving national security and privilege concerns,” the Department of Justice prosecutors wrote.


Cheney says the new revelations reveal the true “danger” of Donald Trump

Congresswoman Liz Cheney He said Donald TrumpNot ready to leave White House After his defeat in the 2020 presidential elections, he “confirms the reality of the danger” of his efforts to cancel the elections.

Ms. Cheney made these statements in response to the disclosure of a new book by the author The New York Times Reporter Maggie Habermannwho claimed that the ex-president told his aides that he would stay in the White House even after that Joe Bideninstall it.

Alisha Rahman Sarkar reports.


Mike Lendl his phone confiscated by the FBI ‘disgusting’

“They told me not to tell anyone,” Lendl said, waving a piece of paper in front of the camera, explaining that his phone was picked up at a Hardee’s fast food restaurant.

“Well, I won’t. Well, I am, so here you go.”


Mike Lindell says he was stopped by the FBI at Hardee’s, Minnesota

The CEO of MyPillow discussed getting an injunction over his phone while appearing on broadcast network Lindell TV.


Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell’s phone seized in FBI raid

Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell’s phone seized in an FBI raid.

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