Don’t worry, the Darling women weren’t the only victims of victory

In the frighteningly idyllic city of victory, rich men and their wives lived in the middle of a savage land. Women, no matter what they look like or who they are, went through each day in exactly the same way as the others, without questioning the state of their reality. as such do not worry my love She revealed her shocking developmentViewers realized they were living in a simulated fantasy built by men, when, in fact, their bodies were hanging on a bed, cut off from their lives, and “taken care of” by their husbands. However, were the wives the only victims of the victory?

How not to worry about the VR Darling factor guys

In the Victory City simulation, women are stripped of their true identities and turned into the unique job of being a perfectly happy housewife for their husbands. men in do not worry my love, which looked almost identical, repeated the same normal routine every day. Their identities are not revealed or mentioned throughout the film, except for Jack (Harry Styles).

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The men were the offenders in do not worry my love. They were responsible for taking away the life their partners deserve, but They were the ultimate bad guys Or even more victims, playing a role in a more dangerous game? The loss of the identity of both the men and women in the film seems to indicate a deep-rooted prison beneath the surface. Then the movie showed a very clear and gender oriented social normality which seems to have existed since the beginning of time.

do not worry my love She painted a very familiar picture of men as their caretakers. They were responsible for providing for their families financially and for satisfying their wives sexually. It is interesting to note that in Jack and Alice’s relationship, the sex scenes were, for once, more about pleasing women rather than the other way around. On the other hand, women were supposed to take care of the house, make themselves beautiful and happy, and provide emotional support to their husbands.

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Don’t worry my love gives different opinions about gender norms

For a long time, “victory,” a.k.a. success, was defined by exactly this suburban fantasy, and in some ways, it still is. Men are supposed to do valuable work and contribute to society, while women stay home and give birth to children. They return to each other for intimacy and support. do not worry my love They made no mistake. Seeing victory was the dream of many men and women.

Just like Alice, many people still struggle to escape the prison of deeply rooted traditional values. There was at least one woman in Victory with a similar view of the world: Frank’s wife, Shelley (Jimma Chan). She was the mother character in this movie, who nurtured and trained these women in a graceful manner. Frank (Chris Pine) helped build this fantasy. Frank’s unwavering authority seemed very similar to that of a traditional father figure.

While there isn’t much context, it’s not hard to assume that none of these couples were happy in their real lives. However, instead of actively caring about their lives, the problem was trying to fix what went wrong in their lives by convincing themselves and each other that being normal would magically solve their problems. In the end, victory subjugated both women and men to traditional gender roles that stripped them of their true identity.

To see how Victory’s fantasy hurts men too, don’t worry Darling is currently in theaters.

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