Dr. Megan Raney, a physician and scientist at Brown University, has been appointed dean of the Yale School of Public Health

Providence, RI [Brown University] – After nearly two decades at Brown University as a resident, graduate student, professor, and academic leader, Dr. Megan L. Raney has been appointed dean of Yale School of Public Health. Rani will step down from her current position as Vice Dean of the Brown School of Public Health effective July 1, 2023.

A noted advocate with an international reputation for innovative approaches to healthcare and patients, Rani is a physician and scientist who has held faculty appointments at Brown University. Warren Albert Medical School Since 2008 in Brown College of Public Health Since its inception in 2013. She is a practicing emergency physician, researcher, and educator with a particular focus on the intersections between digital health, violence prevention, and population health.

Rani is a leading public voice on urgent topics in health and medicine ranging from COVID-19 to gun injury, to mental health, to working conditions for health care providers, providing expert analysis by testifying to Congress, appearing on broadcast news networks, and – Editors In mainstream media and NGO guidelines. Her career is marked by a deep commitment to working with patients and communities to address complex health and medical challenges, particularly those that burden members of historically disadvantaged populations.

Ronald AubertRani, the interim dean of the Brown School of Public Health, said Rani has been a terrific public health leader at Brown, Rhode Island and nationally, as well as a mentor and mentor to aspiring physicians and public health professionals attending the university.

“Meghan has been a tireless advocate for patients, students, faculty, and medical practitioners — and for advancing innovative ideas and approaches in public health,” Ober said. “Her scholarship has made a significant impact on real-world issues facing patients, and she has inspired and informed everyone from Brown University students to people across the country who rely on her expert analysis of timely health issues. She has been a champion for the mission of the School of Public Health, and we are grateful For the huge impact you’ve had on our society.”

Rani She came to Brown in 2004, where she completed her medical residency in emergency medicine and fellowship in injury prevention research. She has served as an attending physician at Miriam Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital in Providence since 2008, the year she joined the Brown Warren Albert College of Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine. in Public Health from Brown University in 2010, and in 2013, she became an assistant professor in the Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice in the School of Public Health. Since then, she has held academic positions at both schools.

In 2019, Rani became the founding director of Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital HealthA hub where the creative minds of Braun and its hospital partners collaborate collaboratively to design, test and deploy digital solutions to challenges affecting the health of patients and residents.

Raney said she was leaving for Yale with great excitement about the opportunities that await her and the memories of a lifetime from Brown University, the university she called home more than two decades ago.

“It has been an honor to be a part of this institution for 20 years, and to work with the College of Public Health since its formal inception and throughout its journey,” said Rani. “I am deeply grateful to my colleagues and educators in the Emergency Medicine and School of Public Health, and to President Christina Paxson, whose leadership model is part of what inspired me to move into higher education leadership.”

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