Drew Krebs is excited for the trip back to Washington for rookie camp in the capitals

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Defenseman Drew Cripps, who was The Washington Capitals draft was drafted in the sixth round (choose number 176 overall) of the 2021 NHL entry draft., in the midst of bootcamp with the Medicine Hat Tigers of the Western Hockey League (WHL). However, he will pack his bags and head to Washington the next day or so in order to participate Washington Capitals “Rookie Camp”It is scheduled to start on Thursday.

Before leaving for the United States, Krebs was interviewed for the WHL website as part of the run-up to the WHL season opener. Krebs is expected to return to the Tigers for the 2022-23 season.

“I think we’re really excited. We have a lot to prove next season and I think it’s also great to see the future and what it has to hold for our organization when we have the prospects and all these young guys coming in”

Krebs, who is entering his fourth and final season with the Tigers, expects to be a mentor in the Tigers’ dressing room this coming season.

“I think it comes quickly. Don’t expect how fast it will be especially with the whole Covid situation. I only got half of the season [during 2020-21] and most of the other players. I think you adapt and change and being a leader all the way with my little hockey teams is an easy or easier change but it’s something to adapt to.”

Cripps has two older brothers, Dakota and Peyton, who have also played in the Western Hockey League, and have been a good source for him.

“Of course, if you have… great advice comes from them. I run into them all the time and yes, they always have great advice for me and it comes from their situation and experiences in the Western Hockey League and then other leagues as well. Sometimes it’s not really hockey advice. [but] that can help my attributes on and off ice.”

[Note: His brother, Dakota, a fellow defenseman, was never drafted by an NHL team. Once he completed his junior hockey career, he started playing hockey at the University of Calgary. His other brother, Peyton, is a forward who was drafted by the Las Vegas Knights and currently plays with the Buffalo Sabres.]

Krebs, who has played his entire hockey career with the Medicine Hat Tigers, praised the current Medicine Hat coaching staff, specifically Willy Desjardins, head coach and general manager, and Joe Fraser, associate manager. The 2021-22 season was a tough one as the Medicine Hat Tigers finished last in the WHL Eastern Conference.

“…We are a really hardworking team and we come with open minds. I think our coaching staff is a great coaching staff that really motivates us for this season. I think that is something we are really looking forward to seeing how much we can improve over the course of a year and two years compared to last year” said Krebs. .

“It brings a sense of calm and attitude towards the players and the presence of Willie who trained in the NHL and was coach of the championship teams and then I think Joe is 13The tenth Season with tigers. I think that really reinforces that they know their stuff and know what it takes to be successful.”

Krebs has been working to get faster and stronger this summer, ahead of Tiger’s training camp, as well as the junior camp at Capitals this week. Krebs not only improved his fitness this summer, but also worked on his general mental approach.

“I think a huge one was my cat, and I think the non-icy part, the mentality, is going through a season where he’s been mentally struggling and being able to adapt and change and grow. I think that’s a big part of the off season and being able to adapt and be successful when things aren’t going right. It’s okay sometimes,” Krebs added.

“I think 100%. I think at the next level that is how you get to the mental side and I think hockey has really changed with that direction and being able to see the mental part of the game mentally.”

Krebs said he is really looking forward to his return trip to Washington.

“I really enjoyed last year’s camp. I was able to go to the main camp as well and play with all these guys I was looking forward to growing up and getting this year will be a special experience as well and getting it so there are no Covid restrictions and all it will be a really great experience.”

By Diane Doyle

By Diane Doyle

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