ESPN to reveal new creative brand identity for NBA broadcasts ahead of 2022-23 season

When the pre-season schedule for the 2022 ESPN NBA season beckons on Thursday, October 6, ESPN will unveil a new global NBA creative brand identity to cover NBA across all screens and platforms. ESPN Creative Studio has developed a revitalized NBA brand identity on ESPN that showcases brilliantly designed future animation, editorial look and sound. From the iridescent chrome brush strokes drawn across the entire design campaign to the gorgeous animation, the overall look pays homage to the bravado and personality of the NBA.

The new creative brand identity also includes the WNBA and G-League, making it the first time the NBA portfolio of brands has had a cohesive appearance across real estate.

New creative brand identity, animation, and music debuted this Thursday starting with NBA Today at 3 p.m. ET, followed by NBA Countdown 7 p.m. Eastern time, and double width Brooklyn Nets – Miami Heat 7:30 p.m Los Angeles Lakers – Minnesota Timberwolves at 10 p.m. Throughout the season, the new brand will come to life with innovative augmented reality improvements that will be shown across ESPN’s Primetime and Playoff programming, culminating in ABC’s exclusive coverage of The NBA Finals Which will feature a new signature style.

“Leading creative initiatives like this is exactly what we envisioned when we created the ground-breaking in-house ESPN Creative Studio nearly two years ago,” said Kari Brzezinski Hsu, Vice President of ESPN Creative Studio. “We take sports from game to game. It takes a dynamic combination of creative abilities and storytellers to make fans feel like they are part of the game.”

“Like everything about NBA on ESPN, this was a complete team effort,” said Tim Corrigan, Vice President of Production. “We are thrilled to collaborate with our ESPN Creative Studio group to bring this new look and feel to life. It’s big, bold and contemporary and we can’t wait for fans to see it.”

In the creative design, viewers will see the iconic NBA and WNBA “logoman” and “logoman” in a way they’ve never seen before, with league logos moving on screen with cross-dribbling and unseen passes in dynamic style. The creative treatment was inspired by the excitement of sitting on the court and the energetic movement of the game. A football-centric theme resonates throughout the new identity.

The team has created a large number of unique assets that provide ESPN Creative Studio and NBA production teams the flexibility to create team-specific editions while also allowing them to continue building new items that ensure the new look continues.

On music, ESPN Creative Studio partnered with Made Music Studios to create ESPN’s next evolution on NBA sound. The strategy was to find a theme that would complement the energy of young stars across the NBA and look at the new NBA package on ESPN. Made Music created a hip-hop-based concept with strength and energy synonymous with ESPN’s NBA production.

ESPN’s new NBA branding will be implemented across all ESPN NBA properties including NBA, WNBA, G-League, NBA Today, NBA Countdown, NBA Courtside, Hoop Streams, NBA Saturday Primetime, NBA Sunday Showcase, NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals, NBA Draft, WNBA Countdown, WNBA Finals, WNBA Draft Combine, Hall of Fame and NBA Lottery and NBA Play-In Tournament.

ESPN Creative Studio collaborated with FutureDeluxe and Two Fresh on the campaign.

This season marks 21 ESPN channelStreet Consecutive year of television broadcasting of NBA games. ESPN and ABC will unite to broadcast 100 NBA regular season games nationwide during the 2022-2023 campaign featuring massive matches and the game’s top stars over Christmas Day, Saturday NBA Peak on ABCAnd the ABC Sunday Show, opening week on ESPN and more. In addition to the regular season, ESPN will broadcast several pre-season NBA games, as well as up to 44 televised NBA Playoffs, culminating in exclusive coverage of the NBA Finals on ABC, beginning June 1, 2023. ESPN will also broadcast TV-exclusive 2023 Western Conference Finals. All ESPN and ABC NBA TV programs are available to stream via the ESPN app.

Credits: “NBA on ESPN”
First broadcast date: October 6, 2022


creative director: Lucas Nickerson

Art Director: Dale Harney

first product: Marisa Dempsey

Producer: Matthew Bernabeu

Real time development manager: Issa Bristol

Technical Director: Tom Rossisky

The design concept: Will Huang, Jeremy Bond

Post production editor: Adam Schwab

creative direction: Timothy O’Shaughnessy, David Spargrove

Technical output: Brian Girardin, Alex Young, Jeremy Simchis

animation: Son Sung, Solinda Keith, Adam Konyndyk, Amanda Wagner, Richard Harrington, Dave Traylor

Real time development: John Nagel, Scott Dickens, Sarah Buckingham, Christine Beauchamp, Jack Dempsey, Justin Lindy, Eric Nelson

Designers: Lisa Ryder, Ali Cleaves, Jimmy Mora

Music: Claude Mitchell, Manoj Gopinath, Andy Horvath, Alex Santana

Edit Product Manager: Melissa Bridges


Two new creative:
Creative Director: Phil Guthrie
Executive Producer: Scott Rothstein

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