Explain the types of credit cards

Credit cards can be a useful addition to your wallet, as long as you choose the right card and use it wisely. many Credit card rewards They come with different perks, such as cash back or travel rewards. And if you’re a student looking to get your first card, or if you’re struggling with credit card debt, finding a card that meets your needs can save you time and money. So it is important to know How to choose a credit card This is for you.

Types of credit cards

rewards cards

A rewards credit card is a card that allows you to earn points, cash back or airline miles on purchases. Some cards have a flat cash back rewards rate, while others offer higher points on purchases made in specific spending categories. Fixed-rate rewards cards offer a set percentage of cash back or points on all purchases made with your credit card, good for cardholders who prefer a straightforward rewards structure. On the other hand, tiered rewards cards offer higher earnings on purchases in different categories, such as travel and dining. Using a rewards credit card is an easy way to earn on purchases you actually make.

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