Fantasy Football Week 1 Running Back Preview: Chase Edmonds has the highest 12 points if he’s healthy


It was a bit of a surprise when Chase Edmonds appeared on Wednesday’s injury report with a thigh injury, but he was partly involved in Wednesday’s training, and those appointments will turn into Sunday activities in the majority of cases. . It’s definitely one we’ll be watching closely, because Edmunds has a huge upside in his first start as a dolphin in his first week.

Edmunds’ rise begins with his turn in the scrolling game. He scored nearly five goals per game in 11 health games in 2021 and earned four or more assists in more than half of those games. Regardless of your turn in the early touchdowns, capturing 70 points gives you a huge boost in the PPR tournaments. But we have reason to believe that Edmunds will be used more in the running game as well.

for one thing, dolphins It gave him $12 million as his first signed back at free agency. That’s more money than you’d give to a third retreater. Also, the wide area scheme that Mike McDaniel brings from San Francisco happens to be Edmonds’ favorite scheme.

Edmunds was included in the starting roster in the team’s first official depth chart alongside Raheem Mostert. Depth charts don’t mean much, but an even split of dash attempts plus five goals in the game would definitely give Edmunds a 12-point rally in a given week. In the six games he watched last year, he averaged 16.1 PPR FPPG shoots. And that was just one touch in those six games.

With Edmunds currently breastfeeding his groin, you need to make sure that Mostert is on the list. Mostert himself will get close to the necessary start if Edmunds misses the first week. Mostert, on the other hand, is 30 years old and has played only nine matches in the past two seasons. If he gets hurt again, Edmunds may not have just the 12 highest. He might just be one of the top 12 riders.

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