Free telescope view of the moon in Fayetteville

This image of the moon, taken through the author's telescope, shows the moon approaching its first quarter phase.  The moon will have the same phase during a scheduled free public viewing session to be held at the Jordan Football Complex on September 30th.

All eyes are on the moon… again

In the 1960s, amateur sky watchers and I had plenty of incentives to look at the moon with a telescope.

After all, we were headed there, thanks to guidance from President John F. Kennedy.

As a teenager, I remember regularly looking at the moon through a telescope at the time, and not just when Apollo 11 was on its way to the first historic human moon landing in the summer of 1969.

I knew there was no chance of seeing the Apollo spacecraft on the moon or in lunar orbit with my backyard telescope. It could only show features of the moon about a mile in diameter, but that never stopped me from looking.

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