Good morning, Brooklyn: Friday, October 14, 2022

Volatile driving gets a 35-COUNT index: A Bedford Stuyvesant man has been indicted for careless murder, assault, and related charges in connection with a reckless driving spree on June 25, which was recorded on surveillance video. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez has identified the defendant as Tyler Green, 20, who was filed Thursday with Brooklyn Superior Court Judge Dina Douglas in a 35-count indictment. Greene is charged with second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, second-degree manslaughter and other related charges, for ignoring red lights and stop signs, hitting a 68-year-old woman, and seriously injuring her grandson, R. – Riding another vehicle, hitting a structure and then fleeing.

The defendant was ordered to be held without bail, dated November 2, and faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in life in prison if convicted on the highest count.


Group sentenced in several fraud, conspiracy cases: Four Brooklyn residents were among a group arrested and summoned Thursday before United States District Judge Peggy Coe. in Brooklyn federal court on several fraud charges including a scam called “pig slaughter.” They are charged with conspiracy to money laundering, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to bank fraud, conspiracy to passport fraud, aggravated identity theft, and conspiracy to operate an unauthorized money transfer business.

The defendants in Brooklyn are Yan Bing Chen, 28, Zhangwei Huang, 30, Chen Jin, 33, and Linming Zheng, 37.


Urban search and rescue team returns from Hurricane Ian Stryken Florida: New York City Department of Emergency Management, New York City The Department and the New York City Police Department today welcomed the return of 48 members of the Urban Search and Rescue-New York Task Force since their deployment to Florida in response to Hurricane Ian recovery work. Task Force 1 New York specializes in urban search and rescue, disaster recovery, emergency triage and medicine.

The 48-member team, along with four dogs, is deployed with a number of capabilities including water rescue, technical search, dog hunting, medical staff, and logistics/base of operations.


Slightly higher increase for home care aid: Home care assistants will get a higher minimum wage, starting this month, The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) announced yesterday. Through Public Health Act § 3614-f, the minimum wage for home care aides is increased to $17.00 an hour in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester, and $15.20 an hour for the rest of New York State. Home care aides may also be entitled to overtime pay in addition to minimum wage rates for overtime, recall pay if they are sent home earlier than their scheduled closing of the day, work days in excess of 10 hours, and uniform maintenance if they clean their uniforms them.

Interestingly, the wage increase was announced during the same week as an 8.7 percent increase in Social Security benefits.


Latest agreement to stop sales of stealth guns: An agreement between the city and online ghost pistol retailer Arm or Ally will stop the company from selling and illegally delivering gun components Mayor Eric Adams announced Thursday to New York City residents. These Ghost Rifle components are used to assemble illegal, untraceable firearms and pose a major danger to New Yorkers. As part of the agreement, either Arm or Ally must also implement a technology strip for any such future sales, and provide the City with its sales data for all such sales since 2020.

The agreement with Arm or Ally — which is based in Kansas City, Missouri — is the fourth the city has reached with online ghost-weapon retailers after filing a lawsuit against five companies in June 2022.


Share green wood cemetery In the Storm Water Initiative: Green-Wood Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark, receives a grant of $600,000 To participate in a major initiative for rainwater resilience – one of the largest by volume ever undertaken on private property in New York City. This project is made possible by the Department of Environmental Protection’s Resilient NYC Partner Program and EFC’s Green Innovation Grant Program, and is an innovative example of how public and private entities can work in partnership to increase New York City’s rainwater resilience in a changing climate.

This project is the first to benefit from the Department of Environmental Protection’s $53 million Resilient NYC Partners program that engages private property owners in the five boroughs to green their property and manage stormwater on site.


New York State’s Double Investing in a Middle School Pipeline for Unprotected Populations: State Health Commissioner Mary Bassett was appointed within an hour to Announcing the state’s growing commitment to diversifying the physician workforce by doubling down on its investment in diversity in medical pipeline programs operated by affiliated medical schools in New York. Programs are designed to help students from backgrounds not traditionally represented in medicine enter and graduate from New York Medical School, including the Bridges to Medicine Master in Physiology, the newest AMSNY-funded post-baccalaureate program at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences .

While more than 30 percent of the state’s population is black or Latino, only about 12 percent of physicians represent that demographic.


New rulings issued against the Trump Organization: New York Attorney General Leticia James is taking new measures to stop Donald trump and the Trump Organization from continuing to engage in the significant fraud and illegal business activity outlined in its September 2022 lawsuit pending trial. A proposed injunction filed today, October 13, would prohibit the Trump Organization from transferring any physical assets to another entity without court approval, require that any new financial disclosures to banks and insurers contain all supporting and relevant material, and require the appointment of an independent monitor. To supervise compliance with these measures.

The attorney general’s office has reported that the Trump Organization appears to be taking steps to restructure its business. On September 21, 2022, the same day the OAG filed the lawsuit, the Trump Organization registered a new entity with the New York Secretary of State: “Trump Organization II LLC,” which turned out to be a foreign company, but was incorporated in Delaware, the home state of current US President Joe Biden. .


A new law ends student debt overpayment fees: State agencies are now prohibited from charging extra fees for outstanding student debt, according to a new law Signed by Governor Cathy Hochhol. The legislation (S.7862B/A.10261) adds a provision to the Government Finance Act that prohibits various state agencies from charging a 22 percent fee when levying debt collection on educational debts when traditional means have been exhausted.

While such debts can be referred to the Attorney General’s Office of Civil Recovery, Attorney General Letitia James said she lobbied for the legislation: “Charging students who are already in debt only increases the problem. This law addresses this injustice and is an important step in the Helping these New Yorkers get financial stability.”


Students are still fighting for the Diwali holiday: Families of students celebrating the Hindu holiday of Diwali (starting October 21) They will once again have to make a difficult choice between their education and keeping their children at home this religious holiday, reports Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news organization that covers education. The case centers around a campaign promise made by Eric Adams, the then mayoral candidate, to several communities in the city – including Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains – to make Diwali an official school holiday; But the process was hampered by the state’s requirement that schools be on a cycle of at least 180 days a year.

Chalkbeat reports that students at Stuyvesant High School have had more than 1,500 signatures on a petition urging Adams to make an official school holiday for Diwali, which celebrates the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.


Billion Oyster Project Gets $75,000 for the New Center: The Billion Oyster Project Harbor Education Center It is one of 23 projects awarded to help communities along the Hudson River Estuary improve water quality and promote environmental education and stewardship, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced. The Billion Oyster Project, which appeared on a large scale in Eagle Which is receiving $75,000, will design and furnish a newly renovated building on Governors Island to house the Billion Oyster Project Harbor Education Center, which will include a public education gallery, classroom, and training center for the city’s public school teachers and community scientists.

The announcement coincides with “The 20th Annual Day in the Life of Hudson and Harbor,” when 5,000 student scientists gather along the Hudson River and New York Harbor to collect data on Hudson fish and invertebrates, and track river tides and currents. Study of water chemistry and quality.


Avene Henry is the new director of the Helen Keller Center for Children’s Education.
Image credit: Helen Keller Services

New Director of the Preschool Learning Center at HKS: Helen Keller Services (HKS) Children’s Education Center recently She welcomed her new Principal, Avene Henry, to lead this school serving children who are blind, low vision, deafblind, those who have both hearing and vision loss or those on the autism spectrum. As an early intervention ABA and special education provider who has taught in a variety of public and private schools across New York City, Ms. Henry was most recently Assistant Principal at K-8th District 75 here in Brooklyn, where she supervised teachers and planned master schedules for the five locations for school.

Ms. Henry holds a master’s degree, including early childhood education for students with disabilities, from New York College, Brooklyn, where she works as an adjunct teacher, teaching specialty teachers and pre-service professionals who aim to specialize in working with individuals with autism.

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