Habbee drops new sleep and recovery wellness routines by Major League Baseball pitcher Grant Dayton

Dayton first started using the Habbee as a member of the Atlanta Braves when they won the World Championships in 2021.

Vancouver, British ColumbiaAnd the September 22 2022 /PRNewswire/- Habbee تقنيات Technologies, Inc. (TSXV: HAPB) (OTCQB: HAPBF) (FSE: HA1) (“Habbee” or the “Company”), the digital wellness technology company is pleased to announce the addition of “Routines By” Grant Dayton to its growing library of wellness routines – an important new feature that enables select partners to share their Hapbee wellness routines with other members of the Hapbee community.

Grant Dayton He is a professional baseball player who has spent time with the Miami Marlins, Atlanta Braves, and Los Angeles Dodgers. He started using Habbee when he was a member of the Braves team performing and discovered that it helped him improve his sleep – especially after hard games, during long flights and after training sessions – when restorative rest and deep sleep were more important and harder to achieve.

“For a veteran player like me, it’s all about sleeping and recovering. I first heard about Hapbee on a podcast and the science made sense to me. I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain if I could actually find a safe and effective solution and free of charge,” Dayton said. Drug and stimulant free for sleep.” “Happee has exceeded my wildest expectations. I use it daily and have introduced it to many of my teammates. I’m excited to share two of Habbee’s personal bedtime and relaxation routines with others.”

“Routines By” is a natural extension of Habbee Routines which was launched in August 2022 As part of Habbee’s V2 upgrade. Routines are mixes released over time, eliminating the need to manually reboot or switch. The routine is divided into 3 categories for wellness: sleep, performance and mood.

“Grant contacted us a few months ago to share his journey with us. He has been very open about the challenges that many professional athletes like him face with sleep and recovery,” he said. Yuna Stern, CEO of Habbee. “He explained that being able to improve sleep without ingesting chemicals that may have side effects or lead to other dependencies is critical to an athlete’s ability to recover and perform at the highest levels. We are pleased to be able to share his routine with our entire community of users.”

Happy Routine By Grant Dayton

Grant Dayton (Boy November 25, 1987) American professional baseball game jar In the Los Angeles Angels organisation. He played in it Major League Baseball (MLB) for file Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves. He made his MLB debut in 2016. He’s been a Habbee user since 2021. Effective September 20has dropped two Routines By Grant, available for use by all Hapbee subscribers to the Habbee Digital Wellness App.

Sleep Recovery by Grant “Sleeping after a game or hard workout can be difficult, but it’s extremely important for recovery and performance,” says Grant Dayton. This is 9.5 hours Sleeps Grant’s routine leads to a blend of Drowsy + Calm making way for the extended play of Blend of Drowsy + Deep to ensure a restful, uninterrupted sleep. Finishes with an hour of Boost + Calm for an energetic, stimulant-free start to the next day.

After your workout, you can prepare for bed with Grant “How you calm down after a workout can be just as important as the exercise itself,” Dayton says of the bedtime routine. this is mood Grant’s routine begins with 30 minutes of calm followed by an hour of calm + relaxation – which Grant uses to help his mind and body transition to a state of complete relaxation after a heart pumping session.

Users need to upgrade to Habbee Mobile App version 2.0.4 or later in order to access Routines and Routines By. The updates are available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About Habbee

Habbee is a digital wellness technology company that aims to help people take control of how they sleep, perform, and feel. The Habbee Digital Wellness Library of Blends and Routines uses patented ultra-low radio frequency energy (waterRFE®), designed to help improve users’ sleep, productivity, recovery, and downtime. Habbee is available for purchase on Habbee.com and through a growing network of select distributors.

You can learn more about how Habbee works at www.habbee.com/science.

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