He brought Emmoney Bates back to basketball in Eastern Michigan

Ypsilanti high school basketball star Emoni Bates has been returned to his hometown basketball team in eastern Michigan by the university after he was arrested on felony gun charges last month.

His lawyer confirmed Thursday that Bates is filing for a misdemeanor charge, and EMU later confirmed his updated status with the team. A school official said Bates returned to training Thursday afternoon, with fair season scheduled to begin in two weeks.

Memphis Transfer Emoni Bates (1) announced his commitment to Eastern Michigan on Wednesday.

“Eastern Michigan University’s Department of Athletics has received notification of an agreement between the Washtenaw County District Attorney’s office and Emony Bates’ defense team that will result in the dismissal of criminal charges,” Eastern Michigan Athletics Director Scott Wetherby said in a statement.

“In accordance with EU sports policies, Mr Bates has been promptly reinstated to all sporting and campus activities.”

His attorney, Steve Haney, told The News that Bates, 18, will be filing a misdemeanor lawsuit related to attempting to illegally transport a gun. A hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Washtenaw County’s 22nd Circuit Court. According to online records, Bates’ case was moved from district court earlier this week, and referred to circuit court on Thursday.

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