Her career and her mission are one at the same time

Rhonda Krause is a Benefits Advisor and Certified Insurance Broker with Senior Benefit Advantage, LLC.  It helps seniors navigate the medical care system.

Coston – her professional mission is.

“I grew up in Akron, but I feel like my roots are here in Coshocton,” said Rhonda Krause. “I spent most of my childhood summers here. I remember shelling peas with my grandmother who lived on Orchard Street and picking blackberries with my father on County Road 7. My stepmother taught me how to pump hammocks in the garden near 12th and Orchard. I was at the pet parade With my uncle’s dog, Princess, in the late ’70s and Canal Days festival and parade when I was about 14. I remember looking forward to Canal Days every August while also fearing it was time to go home and leave my family for the school year.

She added, “My dad had a seventh-floor corner garage and walnut in the ’80s, and I remember pumping gas and washing windshields. He had a sawmill on his property, and I remember riding with him in his old truck, smelling gas and freshly cut wood chips and the country air, learning how to Driving on windy roads at 16. This is how I spent the summer.”

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