Here are 10 of Costco’s best buys, according to a long-term employee

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It’s safe to say that 100 employees will have 100 different “best of” lists.

the main points

  • If you’re patient, it pays to wait for Costco to run a sale on the products you’re interested in.
  • One of the perks of shopping at Costco is the store’s generous refund policy.
  • Inventory varies by Costco location. If you’re looking for something in particular, you can save time by checking out your local Costco store before you head out.

It caught our eye last month when a long-term Costco employee named Veronica posted on Insider, sharing the Top 10 Things She’s Bought from Costco in 2022. After all, who better than a Costco employee to know where the deals are hidden? And due to The current state of inflationIt’s good to have the inside track.

Without further ado, here is our “best” list.

1. Vitamix

One soon gets the idea that Veronica is all about working out and staying healthy. The first sanitary item she mentioned buying was the Vitamix E520 blender. She refers to the blender as the “holy grail” for making fresh juices and sauces. And Veronica loves the fact that it’s versatile enough to make baby food, soups, and more.

Insider tip: According to Veronica, the blender normally retails for $399.99 (as in today). If you’re looking for one, though, keep an eye out because she says she’s seen it sell for as low as $299.99. Waiting could result in an additional $100 in your home Bank account.

2. Stir-fry the yakisoba with the seasoned chicken

We’re not sure which Costco location Veronica uses, but it looks like she stumbled upon a stir fry combo that isn’t available at all Costco locations. The package comes with pre-made sous vide chicken, fresh vegetables, yakisoba noodles, and stir-fry sauce.

Insider tip: According to Veronica, a stir-fry batch can be prepared in less than seven minutes. Even better, at $6.49 a pound, she can feed her family of four for about $22.

3. Realgood chicken enchiladas

Another sign of a longtime employee being conscious of her health is her focus on nutrition. This enchiladas clearly appealed to her because it contains 20g of protein, 2g of net carbs, and no grains.

Insider tip: While we realize checking the reader’s comments section isn’t usually a good idea, two readers strongly disagreed with Veronica’s opinion on enchiladas. Readers named Debra and Jane both complained about the taste. While Debra says she threw it in the trash, Jen says she’s grateful for Costco’s liberal return policy.

4. Sharp image of deep tissue percussion massager

Veronica says she uses deep tissue massagers almost every day, especially after a workout. She estimates that different attachments target different muscle groups.

Insider tip: This is another product to watch if you are interested, as the price has been known to come down.

5. Fair Life protein drinks

Once again, Veronica’s “best of” list relates to her workout habits. Sharing that she works out five times a week, her snack is Fairlife protein drink. One drink contains 30g of protein and 2g of sugar.

Insider tip: The Fairlife brand is one of Costco’s best-selling protein shakes.

6. Kirkland Signature Breakfast Coffee Blend

According to Veronica, you won’t buy her coffee blend anywhere except at Costco, paying $39.99 for a pack of 120 K-Cups. She describes Kirkland’s signature breakfast mix as “perfect.”

Insider tip: One cup of coffee doesn’t fit all, as evidenced by another reader’s comment. This came from someone who uses the “All American” handle. According to AA, other retailers, including Kroger, are offering 120-packs of K-Cup pods at a much lower price, so It pays to shop around.

7. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Veronica is wild about collagen peptides, saying that she thinks they helped her hair and nails grow. She says she mixes unflavored collagen into her coffee every morning.

Insider tip: Usually selling for $31.99, Costco has been known to drop the price to $21.99 on occasion.

8. Hunter boots

This was a bit surprising, given that hunter boots are not associated with health or worn by anyone. However, Veronica was excited to get a pair for $79.99 since she’s seen some styles sell for over $100.

Insider tip: If you can’t find hunting boots at the store, they can sometimes be purchased at Costco’s website. Although this wasn’t the case when we checked today, it’s worth seeking out when you’re on the market.

9. Saint Laurent sunglasses

We have to admit, the sunglasses Veronica bought look pretty cool. Suggested SLM3 Black-Grey, retails for $116.99.

Insider tip: When you’re shopping for eyeglasses, make it a point to check out Costco’s optical department for potential savings. Whether you normally pay cash or use a Rewards credit card To earn points, it pays to save where you can.

10. Glad Take-Away Containers

As someone who prepares meals, Veronica says these containers come in handy.

Insider tip: If you’re concerned about the negative impact of plastic on the environment, you can always opt for Ello 2 glass food containers. Not only do they look great, but you’ll get four containers with lids for $16.97.

Whether or not these are your top 10 best buys, it’s interesting to peek behind the curtain to see how a Costco employee does their shopping.

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