History of the Yankees: Find similarities between the years 1923 and 2023 Yankees

The 2023 season is set to celebrate exactly 100 years since a rather landmark event in the Yankees‘ History. In 1923, the franchise had 27 wins for the first time World Championship Championships, defeating the Giants after they fell short in the previous two fall classics.

Now 100 years after that, the Yankees are back here again hoping a change in the calendar from the 22nd to the 23rd will do good things. As we look ahead to next season, let’s look at some of the similarities between 1922-23 and 2022-23 and hope a little further ahead.

The first thing to note about the 2023 Yankees is that like the 1923 team, they are also coming off a season where they lost to their postseason opponent. In 1922, the Yankees fell in the World Series in five games to the Giants, whom they had also defeated the previous year in the Yankees’ first World Series appearance in 1921. Overall, the Giants were also hostile relationship with the early Highlanders and then the general presence of the Yankees. The Yankees also never won a game in the 1922 World Series, losing the series 4-0-1, and tying only once when that was still possible.

As you probably remember, the Yankees were shut out a couple of months ago by a franchise we don’t have much fun with. To date, the Yankees and AstrosThe “rivalry” was somewhat one-sided, as Houston had won all of the teams’ last four postseason games. In 1923, the Yankees finally beat the Giants in the postseason, and it seemed like if the Yankees wanted to win a title, they might have to go through Houston.

Much like the 1923 Yankees team led by Babe Ruth, the current Yankees have a bona fide star coming off a dominant fielding season. Aaron Judge is coming off MVP year and the feelings around him feel good now that he’s re-signed to the Bronx for nine years. It’s funny to say this for a year where he put up 182 OPS+, but Ruth’s 1922 won’t be as popular as Judge’s 2022, yet it’s very clear that both are the standout players on their respective teams.

Both the 1923 and 2023 teams will have their seasons with managers who have been around for several years now, have very good records, but also have questions about them. It seems funny to think now that he’s an unquestioned Yankee legend, but Miller Huggins wasn’t until now in 1923. He quelled some doubters with wins in 1921 and 22 AL Pennants, but still She has a lot For failing to lead Ruth and company to a title. Despite that, he still had the support of the property and the front office, much like what Aaron Boone does now.

Now, I want to be absolutely clear, I am not comparing Boone to Huggins. I have a lot of questions about the current Yankees captain, and I’d be perfectly happy to see the team look elsewhere. However, their positions in their 23 seasons have some similarities.

One possible story for the 2023 Yankees championship is the possible major league debut of Anthony Volpe. The 1923 team had a notable chance of making its way to the Bronx in the form of Lou Gehrig. Again, I’m not trying to say Volpe will become Gehrig, but as Yankee fans, I think we all hope the shortstop becomes at least a good MLB player, and it will be exciting when he hits the field.

In terms of extras, the 1923 Yankees got a fresh spinning piece as signing Carlos Rodon this winter. Before 1923, it was the Yankees red socks and former World Series A winning pitcher Herb Pinnock in what could be a colossal steal. Pennock has been stellar for most of his career in New York, and has been a part of their first four title-winning teams.

Having said all of that: it doesn’t mean anything. If you stare hard enough, you can probably find comparisons to a lot of other good and bad bands from history. It’s fun to think about how this particular iteration of the Yankees, who are still hunting for their first title, compares to what it was 100 years ago, when the franchise was still hunting for its first title at large.

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