Homer Wallner in first MLB game highlights only twins in loss

Cleveland – It almost sounds tough, doesn’t it, to ask a newbie to take on a Cy Young winner like The Guardians Shane Pepper On his first day in the majors? But Rocco Baldeley He has no doubts.

“[We’ll] Throw Matt Wallner There’s exactly, “The Director predicted before the header of a double Saturday,” and let him delve into it. “

Good call. Walner, a Forest Lake native and a first-round pick in 2019, swung in the first pitch he saw a senior player on Saturday and stopped playing, then looked at the three-hit called after the pair’s later rounds.

But in the eighth inning, the defensive player was ready. Bieber kicked it off with a high-belt chop, and Woolner unleashed his powerful swing. The ball landed 414 feet in front of the Bulls in midfield, the only bright spot in a dismal 5-1 loss to open a double header.

“I was missing the pitch a bit in the first two [at-bats]Wallner said, I made a slight adjustment. To be able to reach that last degree, it pays to be able to do so.

He floated around the rules—”it would be embarrassing to miss one,” he joked—and then celebrated with his new teammates. “They were just happy for me,” said the 24-year-old. “It’s fun to get a little excited.” “I definitely appreciate it. It’s fun to do that, of course, in your first match.”

Especially since after starting the season in Class AA Wichita, he wasn’t really expecting to make it to the majors this year. Then he started tearing up a Class AA bid, followed by a Class AAA pitching, and made himself an obvious candidate to fill his bid when Max Kepler was injured. Wallner has an additional 63 tracks in 2022, 27 of which are in the house, and his patient new style has been rewarded with 97 walks and 0.412 on a percentage basis.

Wallner was lying in bed in St. Paul—”he was just lazy,” he said—when the principal of Saints Toby Gardenshire He called Friday to tell him to get to Cleveland. By the following morning, he was activated as the Twins’ 59th jersey player of the year, and placed in the lineup as the right-hand starting player. His parents, fiancée, and friends from his Southern Miss days were in the stands to watch.

“Quite frankly, [I was] Not as nervous as I thought. Wallner said, “I thought it was going to be even crazier. And once the match started, it was – not the same, but very similar.”

Especially when it punctuated by a home run, which led to the start of intense negotiations with the fan who caught it in midfield. The fan got the bat from Wallner and Carlos Correa Which he bargained for, and Woolner got the souvenir.

Did he know that baseball was gone right away? Wallner looked at the question in the lobby outside the Twins clubhouse. “Yes,” he said, “I was quite sure.”

As he said it, Bieber just happened to walk next to him. “I knew it from the bat,” he stammered, and continued walking.

Kepler on IL again

Kepler was put on the casualty list, and the twins finally gave up in the hope that they could quickly make a comeback from their twisted right wrist.

“It’s a tough break. If Kip had stayed active, believe me, we would have kept him active, even if he missed two more days,” Baldeli said. “It finally turned out that he wasn’t in the cards. He still has a wrist and [a sore] side.”

The move is retroactive to Wednesday, so Kepler will be eligible to return next weekend, when the twins are home against the Angels.

“It was closed for two days because it wasn’t heading the way we wanted,” Baldeli said. But the twins intend to bring Kepler back into the squad in the final ten days of the season.


  • To make room in Wallner’s 40-man roster, the twins assigned an oath to saints Drew Strootman for commissioning. Strotman, with Joe Ryan for Nelson Cruz At the 2021 trade deadline, he has 6.44 ERA in 39 St. Paul appearances.
  • Twins mode Trevor Miguel On the list of those infected with COVID-19 and calling his right-handed colleague Derek Rodriguez from St. Paul. Megill missed the Toronto Twins series earlier this season because he is not immune.
  • Promoted Twins for the 2022 first-round draft pick brooks lee To Class AA Wichita and his short mate javier wandering for saints. Lee was playing in Class A Cedar Rapids, but Kernels’ season ended on Friday.

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