How Stephen Amell’s Arrow Shaped the DCTV World

A decade ago, after the success Avengers The movie and before the release of the “new” DC Extended Universe man of steel, a television show that debuted on the CW featuring a mysterious DC Comics character. despite of Arrow It was an unconventional approach to building a common world, and 10 years later the show has continued.

With the sale of CW to Nexstar and Sparkle Entering its final season, it appears that the Arrowverse on The CW is officially over. star girl And the Superman and Louis It remains, but it is not part of the shared continuity that has transcended everything DC tried to do on the big screen. In a reversal of the comic pop culture hierarchy in the 1970s and 1980s, the Marvel Cinematic Universe owned the movies — but DC took control of television. This only happens if Arrow It worked, and thanks to Stephen Amell and Greg Berlanti and their collaborators, a television series about a man who fights crime with a bow and arrow has spawned DC’s most successful joint living world to date.

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Arrow Arrowverse construction started early

The CW was initially sold out Arrow Even less “comic book” than Superman’s long-running prequel. Smallville They messed up the “No Flights, No Tights” rule in later seasons, but Arrow He will be brave and grounded No superpowers. However, ardent comic book fans noted that one of Oliver Queen’s difficult defeats in the pilot was credited with the nickname “Dracon”. Constantine Dracon is a semi-prominent opponent of the character in green arrow Caricature. He’s supposed to be the best martial artist in the world – and Ulysses pull it off like he’s a devious one. As the show went on, it became clear that despite their assertions in the press prior to their debut, these storytellers were obsessed with comedy.

They used names of characters and places as Easter eggs, along with other, less precise references. Colton Haynes played Roy Harper for years before leaving. Helena Bertinelli, played by Jessica De Jo, appeared as the second live-action hunter, outfit, and everything. Arrow It has become an experimental kitchen for a shared universe, obviously in Arrow Season 2 when Grant Gustin was cast as Barry Allen before getting his own series. Arrowits darkness and SparkleThe lightness of light is combined in a way that respects the source material that even Marvel Studios can only discover.

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Arrowverse is Warner Bros. ‘Crown Jewel’

TV shows on The CW and big-budget features for DCEU are two very different products from Warner Bros. However, the suits in corner offices do not always know the true value of their assets. You probably know the new leadership of Warner Bros. Discovery that they lost the box office battle to Marvel Studios. Their cinematic world is conflicting and behind-the-scenes decisions have tarnished their productions. While the series in the Arrowverse is ostensibly a moral melodrama for pre-teens and teens, it has a much broader appeal. Comic books have evolved into a multi-generational art form – and the series can also be appreciated on many levels.

For the series that sold itself as “Not Your Mother’s Green Arrow,” Arrow It served as a temple to deep references to previous comic books and TV series. Nearly 30 years after its launch, the Arrowverse storytellers have written an epilogue to the former flash TV series. And when the Arrowverse likely returns to HBO Max, kids will find a universe just like previous generations found in the ’60s. Batman in the union. Arrow It started as a non-comic book series and ended with a multi-part crossover epic about how everyone has value and the true power of selfless empathy. She upheld the history of the DC Universe while creating her own world.

The entire Arrow series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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