Improve Midjourney’s AI image generation process with these advanced tips

Midjourney is one of the most frontier-like web services I’ve ever come across. It is also one of the best and most flexible in allowing you to continue to improve your claim or photo application. Let’s dive into some semi-advanced how-tos to get more out of Midjourney.

Let’s create some unique artwork and photos with Midjourney

It is important to know, there is a file Midjourney User’s Guide. Easy to use, although it is not always easy to find and few people think they will need it. If you say “Of course I read the manual”, then this post is not for you. Other than that, I will share some ways to improve your photo and art creation.

Tip #1: Once you get to a beginner’s room, walk around there to see the photos and artwork others are creating. For your loved one, notice the brisk language they use. I’ve found most of my success by seeing how other creators build their claims. Artists, photographers, and others who use advanced software often have specific terms that they use that can be very useful for recreating something like this on your own efforts.

Tip #2: You can use the photos as a guide for Midjourney to build upon. Enter the URL at the beginning of the prompt and then enter your text with commas to separate the main ideas. The prompt might look like this screenshot below: URL entered (then terms/words like this ๐Ÿ™‚ Realistic, very detailed, fisherman looking out at the ocean, standing in his boat.

Tip #3: Choose an artist’s style that you like, for example Da Vinci’s style.

/ Imagine a fisherman looking out at the ocean, standing in his boat, da Vinci style

Tip #4: Suggest the lighting you want, write sunset lighting, bright lighting, or neon lights.

/ Imagine a fisherman looking out at the ocean, standing in his boat, and lighting up the sunset

I’ve taken the time to use keywords to guide the AI, such as photo-realistic, highly detailed, and accurate. Some users select a specific camera or lens to create the desired effect. From the Midjourney directory, I began testing ideas from their resource links that suggested asking for specific media, such as watercolor, ink drawing, or pencil drawing.

One area where my efforts have paid off is experimenting with fun words, architectural terms, or cultural styles: futuristic clothes, in the year 2153, cyberpunk, steampunk, abandoned warehouse, Japanese log cabin. That you can use your mind and words alone to create the images is amazing.

I had to add this last request to today’s post:

Highly detailed visualization, a cyberpunk hunter looking out at the ocean, standing in his boat, along with an abandoned dock and warehouse, blue lighting

One of my favorite resources comes from middle Contributor, Lars Nielsen, where he posted: Advanced Guide to Writing Prompts for Midjourney (Text to Image). His post does a great job of comparing things like style or lighting.

Well, one last thing for the more advanced type of topic – you can download the Discord app for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac which will give you a few more ways to use and benefit from the entire Midjourney experience.

Back to Midjourney Basics

Yesterday I introduced more bare bones basics with my post: Midjourney’s AI-based art generator creates dazzling images from words. In my own experience and even that of some semi-tech-savvy friends, we’ve run into some of the same beginner problems: “How do you even find where to insert/imagine?” I wanted to expand here on more of these basics, if you’re still wondering about them.

Once you get past the basic noise of setting up Midjourney and its Discord access point. You may have run some basic prompts and while waiting for your results, dozens, maybe hundreds, of images appear on the screen.

Some additional basics/cautions that may not be obvious:

-Once you enter the #newbies room (red circle #1), at the top of the screen (red circle #2) the home panel is to the right of the left navigation column where all the artworks flow by) Quick start guide on how to use Midjourney. For the life of my life, I didn’t find it last night because I was writing my first post. But if you want to find it yourself within Discord, here’s a screenshot:

The big question most people ask at this point is: “How do I find my photos, my results?” In two ways:

– First, for your experience, and this may change, you have to scroll up to find your results. Once you find it, you can click the little reaction emoji button in the upper right area of โ€‹โ€‹this section. When it opens, you might be able to type “envelope,” choose that emoji, and it’ll send you your creation details in your DM area.

-Second, in the image below I have three numbers circled in red: 1. Click on the little Discord logo, top left. 2. Click on the banner that appears in your inbox. 3. Click on the Bookmarks tab and you will see, even during the free trial, your photo creations. If not, you may be stuck scrolling. There always seems to be a lag when these appear for me.

– Thirdly, if you become a paid subscriber, you can access your gallery at Medjourney Web Application. It’s really concerning that they don’t make it any easier during the basic free trial, but this was the most reliable way to get back into the photos.

Be careful, Creator. What you’re creating is public, so even if you send the request from the Direct Messages area, the results will appear in the frantic scrolling screen you might remember when you first logged into Discord. You can pay to keep your creations private, for an additional $20 monthly fee (on top of your monthly subscription fee).

Note: I plan to continue this mass posting of AI tools that can help with your productivity, creativity, or both. So feel free to get in touch with advanced ideas, tools, hacks, and prompts you may have created. I think there’s a lot more to me at ChatGPT and Midjourney and I’ll be prompting to post every Monday and Thursday starting in February. Also, yes, I’ve heard of Stable Diffusion (and many other up and coming AI Art and Image tools). I will definitely report after I get a chance to try it.

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