Islanders’ business speculation: do sharks have a missing piece?

The New Yorkers need a high-caliber forward if they are going to give themselves a chance to do damage in the postseason if they get there.

This has been a need for years, but with a bug infestation Oliver Wallstrom Out of the lineup indefinitely, the Islanders need to consider pulling the trade trigger soon. They currently find themselves in an uphill battle in the standings in a tight Metropolitan Division and are, at this moment in time, outside looking in.

At the moment, Casey Cizikas plays on the wing of Matt Barzal as head coach Lynn Lambert He tries to do what he can while he waits for the injured players to return.

San Jose Sharks forward Timo Meyer He is a player who may be available, and may cost less than Bo Horvat or Patrick KaneTwo players are expected to be transferred sometime this season.

Meyer, 26, is in the final year of a four-year deal and is a restricted free agent once the 2022-23 season is over.

The ninth overall pick in 2015 has 21 goals and 17 assists in 39 games. Ten of his 21 goals came in the power play, an arena in which the Islanders were struggling mightily.

What Meyer brings

Timo Meyer is not your typical sniper New Yorkers need. However, he is a filming producer, which greatly benefits the islanders.

Meyer ranks second in the NHL in shots on goal with 178, three behind league leader David Pasternak (181 and 63 ahead of leader Islanders). Brooke Nelson.

Despite his talent as a puck shooter, Meyer has fast hands and a solid hockey wit, as he learned over his seven seasons in the NHL when to attack the crease and when to leave the puck. He may not be the best finishing playmaker, but his abundance of shots allows him to score goals.

What Meyer can do, given his 6-foot, 201-pound frame, is protect the puck but also hold the puck because he’s a player he can end up with.

Last season, Mayer scored 35 goals, showing his shooting, speed, possession skills and finishing ability:

How can Meyer fit in with Barzal?

The New Yorkers’ goal is to bring in a high-caliber striker who he can’t just play with Matthew Barzalin terms of understanding what to do but also a player who can keep up with their pace.

Despite Meyer being a goblin wielder, he has the tools to be a force alongside Barzal.

Whatever line Meyer was on during his time with the Sharks, it was their first line. He has played with centers such as Logan Couture And the Thomas Hertelare two different types of players, so he should have no problem syncing up with Barzal.

The biggest reason Mayer works with Barzal is that he has the speed and size to outpace most defenders. Speed ​​is something the islanders need along with Barzal.

“I don’t see any reason he can’t hit the hole like a wide receiver, and he definitely has the speed and size to outrun most defenders,” a source familiar with Meyer who sees him play regularly told NYI Hockey Now.

Shark condition

San Jose Sharks General Manager Mike Greer didn’t come out and said Meyer would be available or they’re in the process of rebuilding. Therefore, it is difficult to measure their thought process, but we can read between the lines.

Sharks are in a no-man’s-land now, but every once in a while Sheng PingThe Sharks and Meyer’s camp did not speak during the season. While Mayer’s agent Claude Lemieux knew talks would not continue once the season started, there didn’t seem to be as much push for the Sharks to re-sign Meyer as there was to re-sign Hertel.

When Hertle needed a new deal, the Sharks were adamant about keeping him before he signed him to an eight-year, $65.1 million deal.

Sharks need to look at the big picture, and right now, they’re not ready to compete — and Meyer isn’t getting any younger and can get a solid return.

Meyer is also, as mentioned, a restricted free agent but will receive a significant pay raise.

Meyer cost

Timo Meyer is in his prime and should provide a solid return for the Sharks if they make his move. There are similar deals out there, like the one the Ottawa Senators had Alex DeBrinkat last summer. The Blackhawks had a first and second round in 2022 and a third round in 2024.

DeBrincat was 24 at the time of the deal, unlike Meier, who was 26. The Senators have owned DeBrincat for an entire season, while any team that acquires Meier will only keep him for a few months unless an extension is agreed upon.

Not to mention, DeBrincat hit 40 twice, so Meier should cost less than DeBrincat.

Meyer’s return could be a first-round lottery prospect and a second-round pick if there’s an extension, depending on the source, but this could be an over-order.

The Islanders currently have $4.761 million in capped space owed, but that number will go up once players return to Bridgeport (AHL) after injured players return. They would have enough to meet Mayer’s $6 million cap.

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