It might be time for Bridget Carlton to launch as a WNBA superstar

Bridget Carlton’s exit time may be just around the corner, due to her performance at the FIBA ​​World Cup and her recent play in Spain.

Bridget Carlton currently presents set shows in Spain for Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca. Her production only gets better when they compete in Euroleague matches, with her Euroleague debut seeing her money on 5 of 7 3-point attempts en route to a 22-point win.

Preparing for two months to the FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup and earning an All Five Star selection to play throughout the tournament. During her World Cup campaign, she had 27 points, being 7 of 8 from deep and accompanied that scoring with 8 rebounds and 3 assists. Canada led into the medal game, but Lauren Jackson kicked back the clock, dropping 30 runs, which ended up being hosts Australia’s margin of victory.

Bridget Carleton is one of the best shooters in the WNBA free agent market

She is currently a restricted free agent with the Minnesota Lynx, where she has spent the past three seasons. In 2020, she was a thriller, hitting 46 percent of her 3-point attempts and 52 percent on all field goals. Bridget has seen a steady role in the team, starting in nearly 70 percent of her matches and getting around 30 minutes into each start.

The past two seasons have seen her receive more inconsistent minutes, with odd starts here and there. This is not a way to get the player into their rhythm and it is definitely a way to get the player out of it.

No matter where she sat in the rotation for any basketball club at any point in her career, the thing about Carlton is that ubiquitous smile. she It brings energy on the field to share with her teammates and let them enjoy the game. I asked her if this was always the case when she played basketball.

“It’s been like, people say a lot to me,” said Carlton. “I partly blame the mouthguard but I usually have a smiling face and I think I like the game but I also think it’s just my face.”

Carlton’s ability to hold her own and bring her personality to the game of basketball is the most positive example of uncompromising I’ve ever seen. And she has managed it through the highs and lows, bringing energy at every opportunity.

“I think it’s important. I pride myself on just staying consistent, you know, there will be highs there will be lows throughout my career, all season, through games, all seasons, so keeping that steady attitude, never too high and never too low, I’m proud of myself for that and always have that steady, calm personality in the team.”

This mentality is essential for a team about to cross into the wilderness. With the departure of Sylvia Fowles, Minnesota opens a new page in its team’s history. There will be a few unknowns going forward so the front office is sure to keep as much of what they know going forward as possible.

Bridget Carlton is a selfless co-worker whose game is becoming more varied by the day and due to her experience in the WNBA, Overseas & Driving Canada Offers a resume worthy of an entry-level role. Throughout the World Cup, her smile would crack anytime her defender pressured her.

“I know when someone’s into me and I still have a dribble I’ll be able to make a move. It’s not going to be anything special, just a couple of hard dribbles and hopefully you get to the edge of the draw or you get to the edge, but, you know, people respect me as a thrower so I have to To be able to do more than just pick up and shoot three and yeah.”

Her game is greatly evolving. She’s a shooter turned scorer and has a great game every now and then on the glass. As her scoring ability progresses, her personality and enthusiasm for the game would lead me to assume that playmaking ability would follow soon after.

If the Lynx lose their minds and not offer Carlton a contract before next season, there will be plenty of suitors.

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