Joey Logano puts his Ford Mustang on pole for the Roval Race


1st – Joey Logano

Fifth – Austin Sendrick

Sixth – Ryan Blaney

Eleventh – Michael McDowell

Twelfth – Cole Custer

17 – Chase Briscoe

Twenty-first – Chris Boecher

22 – Kevin Harvick

Twenty-third – Harrison Burton

27 – Joy Hand

Thirty-first – Brad Keselowski

32 – Todd Gilliland

35 – Ji Ji Lee

36 – Loris Heisman

37 – Eric Almerola

38 – Josh Williams

Joey Lugano, No. 22 Shell / Bensuel Ford MustangHow was that? “She was ok. I felt like I screwed up at the end here. I screwed up the first round and got it right, I failed half as bad the second time trying to adjust but not over-adjusting and at least not adjusting myself, but obviously Shell/ The Pennzoil Mustang has some speed in it. He’s been really good across the rest of the racetrack. Starting up front is good. Hopefully we can do what we need to do this weekend. Our job is to get to the next round and we’ll find out what we need from here, But that’s a great starting point for sure. We have a good booth and we just need to try and maintain that attitude. It’s very superficial when you lose your track position here, so we’ll try to keep it.”

Congratulations on the pole. “Thanks, it was great. We have a great Shell/Benzoyl Mustang here. There’s nothing like getting a pole. It feels so good. Those road courses are always tough to do because you have a lot of corners to screw around. I’ve got most of them right. , all but this one in front of the stands which probably everyone could see, but the rest were decent. Great car and it’s good to start towards the front.”

The position of the track is important in the cycle of the road. “Yes. It’s good to get that starting point, but there are a lot of things that can happen in Roval. There are a lot of strategic choices and a lot of different things can happen, so we just have to take a second and find out what our game plan is for tomorrow.” The good thing is we have a fast car. Even in race trim, the car is fast, so we’re in a good place.”

Pole Winner Press Conference

Joey Lugano, No. 22 Shell / Bensuel Ford MustangHow did you get your clothes out of there? “My lap was very good. I screwed up the first lap on the last round down the front tide. That’s the first corner we get through the alternate start and finish line and you have full time to try to make up for your mistake. On the second lap I spoiled it half as bad, so I made some gains there. “Overall I’m very proud of the Shell/Penzuel Mustang team. They brought in a really good race car. All the Penske cars seem to be very fast too, so that’s a good encouraging sign, especially despite the importance of this week’s Roval for all of us moving on to the next round.” It’s a nice starting point. That’s it, just a starting point. We have to do the race and eventually make sure we get to the next round.”

Austin is right on the cutting line. How difficult is it to be in his position? “I think with a penalty 24 quarterback it’s a little lower than that, but it’s close. It’s tough no matter what situation you’re in. The only place you feel more comfortable is this cushion gets bigger and you feel more hopeless the more you’re behind it. It’s a fun place to live. It’s when you think about it, especially how you run that race. When you have a cut race as a track on the road, it makes it really difficult about how to name that race. Every crew chief at the moment is wondering, “Do we need milestones?” Shall we go for stage points? If I take the stage points, how far will you get me back on the field? Will I restart 20? Will I restart 30, 15? I don’t know.’ Every crew chief in the playoffs now thinks about that, not to mention the guys who aren’t in the playoffs who still have reasons to compete for points, so it makes it really tough for the crew chiefs here on what determines success for the day. I think this is the first question you should ask – what defines success? Is this winning the race? Will you move on to the next round? Do you score maximum points? How does it look? And that changes throughout the race, I think, sometimes dependent on what your competitors intend to do.”

Has the way you approach the race changed? We’ve had conversations, a lot of them. I don’t think we made any decisions. We just finished qualifying, so I haven’t spoken to him since I got out of the car, really. So, I’ll talk to him tonight and see what he thinks and maybe we’ll think about it more tomorrow and have a plan A and B and see where we end up.”

What did you learn in today’s meeting with NASCAR and do you feel any better after the meeting you did before? “Yeah, I feel a lot better. I feel like the meeting was very open and frank, which I feel was necessary for all the drivers to get some things off their chests and their real concerns about what we’ve been through and the experiences from inside the car. The frustrating part is that it took so long to have this meeting. This meeting was supposed to take place on the Monday after Kurt’s crash, not wait for Alex to crash and at least hear our voice. I’m not saying they didn’t work on it after Kurt’s crash, but communication in person is very important. You guys know. You’re sitting here. We used to do Zoom media and can you tell me that when you did all those Zoom calls it was good to be in person? No, you can’t say these interviews are worth the bullshit compared to being personal. It’s the same when you talk about your life in a race car. It’s more A little more important and we should be in person and have these meetings a lot, not when we need to but before we need to, and I think these messages are heard loud and clear.There is a plan to try to help rear collisions, you guys know, but we need to focus on bug The car also. There are a lot of other points on the car that we want to improve, too.”

Are you worried about background effects here? “You just have to go racing when it’s race time. Yeah, is there a possibility of injury? It always is. It’s a race car. There’s some sort of chance that I’m going to drive home from here, so you try to assess the risks before you take it and try to do the right things that You can control it before you jump in the race car. That’s your head around, your helmet, your Hans. The things that I can control and I need to prepare and do, and then at this point we need to continue to engage with NASCAR and their engineers in designing a car that accepts the impact. Better. “

Was the rest of the garage at level 9 or 10 before this meeting compared to Harvick and Hamlin, who was level 10? “We need to get them honest now. We’re out of the meeting and I hope that’s not the reason for the meeting because two drivers got shot in the media. I hope that’s not how we’re making the change in our sport. I hope that’s not what we’re doing. I think we’re better than that. I wish we could be better, but, like I said, sometimes your feelings will get through, I don’t want to say your best, but sometimes you have to act a little to make a change and make sure you hear. Make something happen for sure.”

Do you have a feeling it might be too early, but is anything lightened up? Has everyone calmed down a little? “It will be calm when the car is fixed.”

Ford PR performance

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