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Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool “must be more unpredictable” to get back to their best, and admits low confidence has taken its toll on their previously relentless pressing game.

Liverpool comes to Sunday Super Sunday A confrontation in Arsenal on the back of only two wins from the last five games, and he kept only two clean sheets in nine Premier League matches so far.

It did indeed drop them 11 points behind Arsenal – who top the table – at such an early stage, but there were crumbs of Klopp’s relief as the change of form to 4-4-2 earned Rangers a deserved 2-0 Champions League victory. Europe midweek.

“It’s important to become unpredictable again,” he said before his trip to the UAE. “We need different systems for that too, and so on [4-3-3] It’s not the only system we can play.

“With the 4-4-2, is it 4-3-3, is it 4-5-1, is it 4-2-3-1, we don’t want to make it more complicated but obviously there are more systems available to us. We must now choose what is best for us to face the next opponent.

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“When you spot a problem and think about it, you want the solution to click right away. Immediately. We are still in progress to find a way out, that is the situation. You can’t say we were in a dark place and now we are back, we need consistency, and for that we need to defend the garbage.” From pretty much everyone.

“I’m not interested in a short-term prognosis, that was good, that was bad, we have to be good to be special. I know, Arsenal and Rangers away and then Man City – what can I say, yes we are through the tunnel and I can see the light, but we have to we perform.

“But we have to be a bit more predictable, for sure. The teams have worked out how to play against us when we’re not at our best.

“They’ve known how to play against us for years, but it didn’t work because we were exceptional at the things we did, so the moment you’re not exceptional, it seems like they just realized – but at our best in the games, I can show you the parts that could have been. We have problems, but we didn’t because we put too much pressure on the opponent.

“These gaps are still there, but when we don’t play at our top, they play the pass and they seem to spot us. There is no system in the world without weakness.”

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Jurgen Klopp says his players are very adept at dealing with criticism, referring to Trent Alexander-Arnold receiving more than usual in recent weeks.

The formerly revered Liverpool press game has come under fire amid the latest slump, with Sky Sports Paul Merson blames their disorganized defense About the absence of the intensity of Sadio Mane.

Klopp admitted that low confidence was playing a role in their current predicament.

“The way we defend, you have to be brave,” he said. “The way our full-backs defend – we put them in the center-backs from other teams, we get the ball back and people think it’s great.

But when we don’t get to the right moment, they pass it past our full-back who is clearly not in their position. People said we can’t defend like that, but yes you can – we’ve done it in 200 games, but if the timing isn’t right, if you’re late for a challenge, there’s no challenge.

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“Sometimes you have to step aside, or step back, to get that timing right again. We’re not talking about what we did last year at 100 per cent and this year at 80 per cent, and the players still want it 100 per cent but maybe you put 97 Percent without subconscious.

“Suddenly, a well-trained team doesn’t work together anymore. Not willingly, but if someone is thinking about whether they should push and the other players are already there, the pressure doesn’t work that way. You stick to the pressure, and you do it. .

“You have to stick to a common plan, and it won’t work unless everyone feels the same. It was probably a problem with everyone having the same levels of confidence doing this kind of thing at the same time.”

Klopp recounts Arteta’s achievements before the match

Liverpool scored eight unanswered goals in four meetings with Arsenal last season but with Arsenal now in a streak of seven wins from eight at the start of the new season, Klopp has praised both his counterpart Mikel Arteta and his patience. Delivered for Sunday’s opponent to their lofty position at the top of the table.

“Mikkel has done a really good job,” he said. “When you need some time, no one wants to give you that. Maybe we don’t all deserve it, because you still have to be good to use it.

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“Mikel obviously did. I have a lot of respect for that. They’ve had a lot of talent over the past few years, I was excited for Martinelli very early on and he became the player I expected.

“Martin Odegaard I spoke to him when he was 15 and the whole world wanted him before he chose Real Madrid. He became the player everyone expected, Saka from the first day he played was fantastic and if anyone knows how good Gabriel Jesus can be. That number nine is not in the Manchester City shirt, then it was Mikel.

“He got Xhaka back on the right track, everyone knows how (good) Thomas Partey is when he was at Atletico, and now they’ve found a way to defend themselves. They played a different squad on Thursday but they still had a lot of quality; it’s a young team, a very exciting team and they do a good job. very much, which is well deserved.”

Arteta: We have to show we’ve raised our level

Fabio Vieira celebrates Arsenal's third goal, after being sent by Gabriel Jesus
Arsenal won their ninth game in 10 Europa League matches against Bodø/Glimt

Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta has challenged his Arsenal side to prove they raised their level in Sunday’s big game at the Emirates Stadium.

“It’s a really exciting match against one of the biggest competitors in the league,” he said. “It will be a very difficult match and it will require us to be at our best.

“It’s a match that everyone is looking for against an opponent who has shown the level they have reached in the last five and six years.

“We have to show that we have raised our level and that we are competitive.”

Arsenal are at the top of the Premier League after collecting 21 points from a potential 24 this season, but Arteta believes there is a lot more to come.

“I am fully aware that we can be much better than we are today and we have to do better to be the team we want to be and the challenge is to be able to do that every three days,” he said.

“You always see weaknesses that you want to improve.”

Arteta also spoke of his pride in how the atmosphere and mood around the club has changed under his management.

“I am really happy and proud of the change of dynamic and atmosphere around the club,” he added.

“How you measure success is lifting titles, but you also have to understand where we have been and how the club and environment looked cracked.

“How it looks now is everyone’s credit.”

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