Kim Mulkey’s response to Griner was not surprising

Britney Grenier Illegal detention in Russia She really revealed how much she means to a lot of people.

She is loved, loved and loved. Everyone has nice things to say about the type of person they are. They are constantly rooting for her safe return home, and with each passing day, the public is wondering more and more why this hasn’t happened yet.

None of that applies to her former Baylor coach, Kim Mulkey, who doesn’t seem to see Britney Greiner as anything more than a stepping stone to his career.

She has nothing to say well about her former player. She has no words of encouragement for her family or a gentle affection to share with the public. In fact, apparently, she has absolutely nothing to say.

Mulke, now the LSU coach, was asked about Griner’s position at a press conference recently this week. Reporter, Cory Diaz, noted that he hadn’t heard anything about her on Greiner’s front, which, you know, is a reasonable question given the fact that Mulke trained her for four years at Baylor.

What seemed to surprise everyone was the fact that Mulki had nothing to say.

Diaz: I wanted to get your thoughts on the status of Britney Greiner. I don’t think I saw anything from you in that…

Mulki: It will not do. I will answer the first question for you.”

There you have it, people. We won’t hear from Mulkey on the Griner. Not a peep. Absolutely nothing despite the fact that Griner brought her the NCAA Championship in a season where she put together a 40-0 record.

What a shame. It is truly a tragedy to see a coach descend so low when it comes to one of her former players.

What makes it worse is that the current Baylor coach, Nikki Cullen, has shown nothing but Nima when asked about the Griner.

“Those who have been around me know that I have become very emotional…I think BG is, first and foremost, human first. I think this is a human rights issue. Nobody is saying she did nothing wrong. Neither of us is perfect. But I think I am I want to know if I did something and was stuck in a foreign country, what it was, and what it wasn’t. I think we all know 10 years is a long time. I see her as a mother, sister, wife, daughter and an incredible basketball ambassador “.

That’s how easy it is. This is not her player. It has nothing to do with the situation. But kindness costs nothing and Colin seems to be able to deliver a lot of it. We can’t say the same about Mulki.

I would call this surprising, but that would be a lie. It’s not shocking. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is exactly Kim Mulkee and what she always has been. She made it clear to us at every turn.

After all this is the same coach who forbade her team to talk about their sexuality, According to Greiner herself. The former Baylor star revealed how Mulkey and the show, in general, were unwelcoming gay athletes during her time there.

This is not something a loving coach does. These are not things that a loving coach might ask of one of their players, regardless of their skill level. It’s not something that a program that really cares about its students would allow.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Mulke has been silent on important issues – especially when it comes to black players. After George Floyd was killed by police officers in 2020, Mulkey had nothing to say while the rest of the sports world Speak out against police violence. Chloe Jackson, former player called her for it. Yet still. Nothing has changed. History only repeats itself.

So yes. Mulki is loyal in her indifference. She is observant in her silence. She really doesn’t care about Britney Greiner or her safety. The truth is, she’s never done that and it’s been easy to see for years.

It is not surprising. If anything, it is disappointing. Coaches are supposed to be leaders. They are the people their athletes are supposed to look to for direction and wisdom. And when it comes to ex-athletes, they show empathy. Any good coach you’ve got is just one phone call away.

However, here Kim Mulkee with one of her ex-players is unjustly detained in a foreign country, and her only response remains hostility.

I’m sure new recruits at LSU will love this one.

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