Lauren Boebert’s Clash With Sean Hannity Sparks The Internet’s Gap

In what was once known as the Internet arena, Twitterthe audience appears to be evenly split over the Rep’s recent clash Lauren Boebert and TV show host Sean Hannity.

On Wednesday night, the congresswoman from Colorado — who was among the 20 in the House of Representatives Republicans Who voted against Kevin McCarthy to become Speaker of the House on Tuesday and Wednesday –It was grilled well From an old friend about her criticism of the former House Minority Leader.

For about half of the Twitter users who commented on the apparent clash, this kind of rift between conservatives usually on the same side was to be expected amid the upheaval of purists like Boebert who have thrown the Republican Party to heel in recent days.

In the other half, the clash was unexpected, and Fox News A host who went too far in attacking a Colorado congressman.

Sean Hannity, Lauren Boebert
In this composite photo, Sean Hannity, left, and Representative Lauren Boebert. The couple clashed on the Fox News host’s show.
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“I’m trying to watch Fox From time to time to check in the other side. But Hannity and Boyber having a full blown screaming match tonight was unbearable. CNN And the MSNBC Written by Issa Watson.

“Fox News is now at war with the Gaetz-Boebert wing of the Republican Party. It’s funny, because Hannity used to encourage this behavior between 2011 and 2014,” he said. books Reporter Jim Stinson.

McCarthy failed in six straight votes between Tuesday and Wednesday to get enough votes to be elected leader of the new GOP-controlled chamber. 118 Congress remains Currently paralyzed While 20 Republican lawmakers – most of them members of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus – continue to oppose McCarthy’s bid.

Boebert was particularly vocal in her opposition to McCarthy, asking Donald Trump On Wednesday, he withdraws his support for the candidate, saying that the time has come for the former president to say to Kevin McCarthy, “Sir, you have no votes, and it is time to withdraw.”

But when Boebert appeared on Hannity later in the day, the TV host grilled the congresswoman about whether she should be the one stepping back from office instead.

“Kevin McCarthy got 202 votes to 3. Your team has 20 votes,” says Hannity. “So if I’m going to use your words and your methodology and your math, isn’t it time for you to put it together?”

When Boebert begins to answer the question, saying that she understands his frustration but that McCarthy “doesn’t have the right to vote” Hannity interrupts, saying she is not answering his question.

From that point on, the interview was marked by a series of interruptions and disagreements between the two. In one of the more heated conversations, Hannity Boebert asked which candidate she and fellow House Republicans would prefer for speaker, and the Colorado congresswoman joked about Trump’s nomination.

“What is this, a game show?” Hannity replied.

“I know this is propaganda theatre, but Sean Hannity seems really annoyed that Boebert says she might run Trump for speaker. Even clowns know when a circus is a losing show,” said writer Paula Chertock. comment on Twitter.

On the other hand, the comments of the Whigs seem to lean on Boebert’s side.

“Jesus,” he wrote, “Looks like Frank Lownes is going to need a new companion.” newsmax TV host Jerry Callahan, referring to Republican consultant and pollster Frank Luntz. “Hannity is deeply upset that Lauren Boppert doesn’t like Kevin McCarthy as much as he does. Sean looks so hurt, like Boppert insulted his mother.”

“Boebert is a true patriot and has earned the respect of millions of people over the past 24 hours. Hannity continues to prove how hacky, and sell it. The guy doesn’t care what he says, as long as the money comes in!” wrote talk show host Mike Crespi.

“Sean Hannity owes Congresswoman Lorraine Boebert an apology,” writes Women For Trump co-founder Amy Cramer.

The House of Representatives approved the return on Thursday afternoon.

Newsweek I’ve reached out to Boebert’s team for comment.

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