Lee Westwood talks fan reception and Leaf player court case – and ‘Fantasia World’

Lee Westwood hits the tee on Sunday at the 18th hole at Wentworth Golf Club.

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No, Lee Westwood doesn’t know how the golfer’s DP World Tour-LIV experience will begin. And no, another LIV player’s proposal before today in court probably won’t fly.

And yes, Westwood thinks he’s in great shape. And yes, the fan reception this week has been fantastic.

Westwood’s post-BMW PGA session with reporters on Sunday was short – just 11 questions at Wentworth Golf Club – but boring. It was a polarizing week. There was his golf, his own golf rounds. And he talked about both topics, although the conversation was silly at times.

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Nick Piastovsky

We’ll start with golf golf. The 49-year-old Englishman, after a period of normal play — four cuts in eight events on the PGA Tour and then finished 29th and 16th in his first event in the 48-player LIV Golf Series — is playing better. In July, at the Open Championship, Westwood tied for 34th. With Liv, he tied for fourth last week, having finished ninth in the third event on the track. On Sunday, during the final round of the BMW PGA, he shot seven under 65s.

and galleries in Surrey, England, after the show was postponed late on Thursday and every Friday due to The death of Queen Elizabeth IIHe was grateful, said Westwood.

“You know, the fans are always good here, but this week, it’s been really special,” he said. “Obviously you know, Your Majesty’s passing, everyone is sad and a little pessimistic, but it seems like they got out there and really enjoyed playing golf today, fans, like we did and we tried to give them something to enjoy. It’s a fun game, right. Show some sparrows.”

The issue of fan reaction these days is not without another meaning, and that brings us to the LIV Golf. In short, Westwood is a DP World Tour and PGA Tour pro who has joined the threat to both leagues, Leaf golf, he and 17 other LIV golfers playing the BMW PGA on the DP World Tour, ahead of the trial that should determine whether he and other LIV players can play more DP World Tour events in the future. Maybe it wasn’t short. Anyway, you knew the procedures might get at least a little awkward, and From the comments before the tournament Equally suggested.

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Westwood himself has been outspoken before on the subject, Including in the Open Championshipwhere he said, among other ideas, that “the media is fueling it and doing everything they can to help with that. I think the general public just wants to go out there and see good golf no matter where it’s played or who plays it.”

On Sunday, he was asked to anticipate the trial scheduled for early next year. And the exchange went as you think.

“Do you have any idea how the case will go in February?” A reporter asked. “Any idea in which direction the wind is blowing? Your legal mind.”

“Do I look like a lawyer?” Westwood said.

“Do you have any discussions?” Follow a reporter.

“No, and I don’t know what everyone else is going for either, because there are mixed messages coming from everyone,” Westwood said. “So no, leave it to you.”

To stay on topic, a reporter asked Westwood his thoughts on an idea from Graeme McDowell, who, like Westwood, is also a longtime PGA Tour and DP World Tour golfer now playing with the LIV. Earlier in the week, McDowell offered that there should be no experiment, Says Watchman“Let’s send 326 emails and maybe two videos – one from the LIV players saying we’d like to support this round 8, 10, 12 times a year, and then the other side of it [DP World Tour commissioner] Keith Bailey statement this week”.

Lee Westwood started his Open Championship with a round of four under 68.

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Dylan Dither

Westwood’s answer was, at first, short.

“Whatever is the fairest way.”

“Do you see this as a fair way?” A reporter asked.

“I haven’t had any hostility from the other guys this week,” Westwood said. “You know, they wouldn’t go for that, would they? Let’s face it, we don’t live in a fantasy world, right? Well some of us do.

“No, I mean, all I’m going to say is I’ve had a really good reception this week in terms of the players, the fans and most of the European Tour staff as well, which I expect because they’re all professionals.”

So what’s next for him? Before the trial comes, Westwood will play in the last four LIV events, although he said he wasn’t sure when he would play again on the DP World Tour. [On the PGA Tour, players are suspended.] Westwood said there is also a possibility that he will play in the last LIV event, at the end of next month, and then not play again until next year.

“Probably, yes,” Westwood said. “You know, I honestly don’t know. It gives me options, doesn’t it? I might play a couple there. I mean, I’m the kind of guy who has to move around a bit, but recently, I took a four-week sabbatical and then finished fourth last week and played really well.” This week. I can only play it by ear.”

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