LEVVELS Inc MOMENTICA introduces the future of mass engagement worldwide through one-of-a-kind digital collectibles.

  • Novel platform pushes the boundaries of K-pop fans with unique collectible moments of favorite artists
  • Keeping collectibles safe and secure through blockchain technologies while using an environmentally friendly platform
  • Fan promotion for TAKE™ collectible digital giveaway begins at 12 pm on Wednesday October 5 KST in MOMENTICA event site

Seoul, South KoreaAnd the October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/- LEVVELS Company Today I introduced MOMENTICA, a leading platform for fan and artist engagement built on sustainable blockchain technology. MOMENTICA offers unique digital collectibles called TAKE™, which are in photo and video format. These collectibles capture special moments for artists to collect, browse, and personalize. MOMENTICA pre-registration event promo starts at Wednesday October 5 Fans of the top five K-Pop collections, SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN and LE SSERAFIM can get their first digital collectibles from these collections for free. The official launch of the service will begin in mid-October.

He said, “K-Pop fans around the world are known for their advanced use of technology in their daily communications within their fan communities.” Ryan Jang, COO at LEVVELS Inc. “Celebrating their passion, we are excited to offer a new digital experience that enhances the way fans celebrate the best moments of their favorite artists through technology. Our goal is to always enhance the fan experience and we will. Continuing to update and expand our services while always maintaining a user-friendly and intuitive user interface (UI).” .”

A digital stadium for fan engagement

MOMENTICA is a new platform where fans can collect original and unique digital collectibles of their favorite artists. The platform allows fans to safely and securely collect and browse their digital holdings. While the service will first enable fans to collect and own collectibles, future updates will provide more advanced ways for fans to trade and personalize them. MOMENTICA plans to introduce new concepts for digital holdings and expand service features.

Appreciating special moments

MOMENTICA features TAKE™, unique digital collectibles that can only be accessed through the platform. These digital collectibles are moments from artists that have yet to be released on other platforms. With photo (frame) and video (scene) formats, the TAKE™️ bundle, made up of three photos or videos, shows snapshots of special moments captured during performances by different artists. At the service’s official launch, fans will be able to choose between two categories of TAKE™️, Original and Special. The special package includes the artists’ voice and writing as well as signatures.

Technology that cares about the environment

MOMENTICA is based on pioneering sustainable blockchain technology. Designed to reduce their environmental impact, all TAKE™ blocks are built on the company’s LEVVELS blockchain, which is based on the cloud-based blockchain service platform, Luniverse.

Luniverse is created and operated by Lambda256, a subsidiary of Korean blockchain company and fintech company Dunamu. A member of the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), it uses 30 million times less electricity than Ethereum. According to independent global energy expert certification and warranty provider DNV, Luniverse’s carbon emissions are 1.1 tons of CO22Equivalent, an amount equal to 0.139 household energy use for one year (US Environmental Protection Agency). This is significantly lower than Ethereum, which generates 38 million tons of CO22Carbon emissions equivalent, energy use of 4.787 million homes over one year (US Environmental Protection Agency).

MOMENTICA Fan Event will start on Wednesday

MOMENTICA pre-registration will start at 12 noon Wednesday October 5 KST for global audiences around the world. As part of the launch event, fans who participate and pass competition challenges will be awarded limited editions of the artists’ digital collectibles and MOMENTICA. More information about this event is available at http://event.momentica.com/.

About LEVVELS Inc.

LEVVELS company is a Los AngelesA based company running a future-proof platform to deliver blockchain-based projects to global artists and their artists. The company is a joint venture between Donamothe global standard-setter in blockchain and fintech technology, and HYBEa global entertainment lifestyle platform comprising of multinationals Music Labels.

Founded in January 2022, LEVVELS aims to enhance the fan experience by leveraging blockchain technology, including Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By integrating Dunamu’s world-leading blockchain technology and HYBE’s powerful intellectual property (IPs), LEVVELS is on a mission to foster an innovative and exciting online stadium culture where fans around the world can celebrate and connect with their favorite celebrities, artists, and creators. With its core values ​​focusing on empowering the masses, the company strives to nurture and deliver impactful experiences using the latest technology.

More information about LEVVELS is available on the website https://levvels.io/.


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