Linkway will be fully opened in the coming months, Steam Play Lab is in progress

Brittany Jarvis owns J & Co.  Hair Studio and Spa at the LincWay Center.

Dalton – Business has boomed since Brittany Jarvis moved her hair salon J & Co Studio & Spa. here In a space in the LincWay Center building on the outskirts of the village.

The new location, she said, is an extensive upgrade that doubles her original venue in Orville, which was about 800 square feet.

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“We went from a few chairs to 12, and now more than 14 are here,” Jarvis said. “Here I can train more fashion designers and they can run their own businesses in my space. It’s really perfect.”

Jarvis began leasing the space at 258 Curzon Street in October and is the only fully independent business to do so at the Linkaway Center, which maintains a still-in-progress STEAM Playlab.

The remaining businesses, including an art studio, café and market, will be operated by Linkway and are scheduled to open in the coming months, said Delight Howells, director of Linkway. The 24/7 business office opened its doors in December.

The first business to open

LincWay offices for rent also include a communal kitchen area.

Jarvis’ opportunity to rent the place in Linkaway came during a chance encounter with Howell’s father, who was in need of a haircut.

After a quick look around Orrville’s saloon, Jarvis said more space might be necessary. Approved.

Everyone came to a lease at a meeting and Jarvis moved to Linkaway in early October.

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Two months later, LincWay’s business area was opened. The eight private offices range in size from 76 to 117 square feet and are available for rent on a monthly or six-monthly basis, according to the LincWay website.

The cost for the six smaller offices is $475 per month or $450 per month for six months. The two larger offices are $500 per month or $475 per month for six months.

“Anyone can rent an office either for work or school,” Howells said. “Once you hire, you get a pass to enter the office at any time of the day.”

She said that an office had been rented while construction was still underway.

“It’s perfect for anyone who works remotely or is able to change their workplace,” she said.

The office also has a kitchenette, wardrobe, rest room, two bathrooms and a meeting room. Water, gas, electricity, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, internet and smart TV are provided, depending on the location.

To rent an office, anyone can call Howells at 234-226-8888 or email her at

Art studio, café and market

There will be a lot of things for people to do in LincWay Art Studio.

Set to open Thursday, February 23, Linkway Art Studio will offer lessons and projects for all ages in the evening hours from Thursday through Saturday.

Pottery projects will be available the same day along with glazed and painted pottery.

“I love doing (art) with my kids and my husband,” Howells said. “That’s why I wanted this space, to give families space to be creative.”

Once the art studio opens, the final piece of the LincWay puzzle will take center stage in March with the grand opening of the LincWay Café & Market.

Howells rejoiced in the kitchen of the Linkaway Market and Café.

The market will sell locally made goods, including food and produce. Nearby, Howells said, would be the coffee shop selling ice cream, sandwiches, pastries, tea, coffee and other items.

The café will have two entrances, one from the STEAM Playlab for museum guests and one for the general public.

Both the café and the market will be open in the evening hours.

“We wanted a space for people to have fun and do things, and there aren’t many places to hang out in the evening here,” Howells said. “That’s why we open the café, the market and the art studio in the evening hours.”

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