Live the lifesaving message of Grenfell Man’s new book

Dennis Gillan poses for a photo in front of his office building with the book

Before he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in high school, Stephen Bell struggled to make friends and control his emotions.

Years ago, on a “very bad day” to deal with his issues, he decided he no longer wanted to stay here. He plans to kill himself after school.

“I was in a really dark place,” Bill said while sharing this story on YouTube. video With Greenville mental health advocate Dennis Gillan on “Delivering Mental Health Through Storytelling.”

But, when he was leaving school that day, a student came to Behl and praised him for his shoes.

This single, brief statement changed his way of thinking and his course of action.

He said it’s a reason he’s alive today.

Now Pihl and Gillan convey the impact flattery can have through a children’s book, “Lovely shoes! A little compliment can go a long way!” Based on Pihl’s experience.

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