Louisville-based online bookstore hosts a pop-up store at Quills Coffee

Basu set up her first bookstore at Nulu Quills in August.  Will be hosting four more this May.

After spending the summer of 2021 cruising cross-country with her boyfriend in a converted bus, Callie Basso decided she wanted a more sustainable lifestyle. While passing through Louisville on their way back to Georgia, Basu and her boyfriend decide they want to move to Derby City.

“We packed up and moved here,” Basu said. “It was a lot like some sort of automatic thing.”

Exactly a week after moving to the metro area in November 2021, Basu launched its business Set and setupAffordability-oriented, online library. On Saturday, September 17 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Paso will host the second-ever pop-up bookstore in coffee quills In Nulu, 802 E. Main St.

“It’s really hard right now to place orders constantly, which is why I started creating popups,” Basu said of the niche concept. “When you are primarily an online business and you are trying social media marketing, the algorithms often work against you.”

Where to Find Pop-up Book Sales Set & Setting in Louisville

Basso charges $13 or less for all books in its inventory.  She has books ranging from regular to new editions and currently has 200 titles in her collection.

In her makeshift debut last month, Basso resided near Quills’ courtyard next to her large garage door.

She said, “While people were waiting for their coffee, they were kind of hanging around. I met a bunch of people who were excited about books, and it was nice being able to actually talk to people. I work for myself, I work from home, so I’m pretty isolated all the time” .

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