Lower class men steal the show in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – The USA junior junior basketball team resumed Sunday with two sessions, both the underclass and classic, before wrapping up Sunday evening.

This weekend’s mini camp solidified one of the biggest themes of the last summer, and that’s the power of the 2025 and 2026 classes.

In July, this narrative centered around a few national prospects in the rookie sophomore class, and while one of those players was truly dominant this weekend, both classes demonstrated an encouraging depth of talent as well as potential star strength at the top.

Boozer dominates

Cameron Bowser Not only was it better than the lower class. Perhaps his most impressive performance among anyone in the field this weekend. Bowser did well on Saturday, but in somewhat subtle ways as he showed off his soft hands, passing ability and offensive tools from the inside out. There was nothing hidden about how awesome he was on Sunday. Record from different points on the ground. It was smooth, balanced and sturdy through paint contact. He consistently hits open triples, discovering and playing through a pick-and-pop movement. Defensively, he was in all the right positions, blocking shots and being loud.

Perhaps most impressive though, was his death. Boozer seems to be making every right decision. There were left-handed rebound passes from dribbling, touch passes from a short lap, and long runs.

In short, he was in control from start to finish, but he did it in a way that made it look easy. He was on a different level than anyone else.

class 2025

Beyond Boozer, there were many lower class men who managed to impress them. koa peatAnd the Bryson TellerAnd the Darren Peterson Show everyone why they’re getting so much recognition in 2025. Peterson has been especially consistent throughout the weekend. At 6-foot-5, he was composed of fluid and ball handling as a great goalkeeper, had good touch as a throwing maker at the edge and dribbling past the arc, showing the engine and intangibles to win sprints and overtime.

in the back area Melek ThomasAnd the Nick Lewis And the Jerry Easter They were two guards who immediately settled in on Saturday and continued to impress on Sunday. Jeremiah Green It really stood out on the second day, mainly for three main reasons. First, he made several powerful passes and reading, while fleshing out the pass with his dribbling and working out of the ball barriers. Second, he probably had the best floating game in the field. He shot them with both hands and then with one or two feet. Third, it affects the match on both ends of the ground due to its ability to defend the ball.

on the wing, Sebastian Williams Adams And the Cam Holmes They were two players who continued to pile on positive plays and upside signs as the weekend went on. With a good wing size, high shoulders, good height, and a strong body, Williams Adams checks a lot of boxes physically. He was an athlete in transition, but he also showed his shooting potential from behind the arc, even entering three goals on Sunday. Holmes has the same size and strength on the wing, and is also left-handed. He showed a fluid hit of catches and dribbling, and even glimpses of defensive diversity as he was able to sit back and defend smaller guards.

sincere, Chris Nolly He had a strong camp as well. I stooped like everyone else, especially when he was able to break free on the open floor. Even without the ball, he runs the ground with powerful strides and puts instant pressure on the edge. He is also an athlete in the cup, dipping with both hands, and posing a threat to the attacking glass.

class 2026

This was the first USA basketball event for the 2026 class. Caleb GaskinsAnd the Tiran StokesAnd the Galen Montonati They were the first three players in the class to excel on Saturday. On Sunday, Montonatti was able to do it again with a combination of early ocean volume and skill. Moreover, it is clearly a long way from being a physical end product, which only increases optimism about its long-term potential.

AJ Dybantsa, the player who already has a great early reputation, showed some flashes of his undeniable long-range potential on day one, but looked a lot more relaxed and tempted on day two. At 6 feet 8 feet tall, he has an impressive size in a wing position combined with athleticism that stands out even among this level of competition. There is potential in his shot as well with a clean, smooth firing. Given this unique combination of tools, it should only scratch the surface of its long-term potential.

Sam Funches It is another interesting long-term possibility to watch. The left is only 6-foot-10, but his height is proportional to his size, he has a touch to develop as a face thrower, and a naturally high firing that makes it nearly impossible to block his shot.

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