McBroom vs Gib: Full Fight Live Streaming, Game-by-Play Update, Streaming Scores

We’ve got social media and reality TV stars getting into combat sports again tonight (Saturday, September 10, 2022) as Austin McBroom and Anson Gibb are finally dumped inside the California Punk Stadium in Los Angeles, California, after months and months of dirty talk. The Pay-per-view (PPV) view streaming on It will also feature professional athletes trying to play a different sport than they used to, with a “Battle of the Running Backs” between the former Minnesota Vikings racer (and six other teams) and potential Hall of Famer, Adrian Peterson, who is clashing with his retired former teammate. The carrier, LeVeon Bell, of the Pittsburgh Steelers (among others).

In fact, you will fly with fists and the audience will be full of YouTube, TikTok, NBA and NFL crossover fans who are taking the boxing “social glove”! He’ll be giving full live, one-by-one coverage of the full PPV main card “McBroom vs. Gib” below, starting at 9:30 p.m. ET on PPV.

In the co-main, from the NBA, we have the same “Swaggy P”, Mr. Nick Young – famous from the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers – taking over Rapper Jonathan Michael Porter (aka Blueface). Skilled martial arts followers may actually remember that last man for appearing on the bottom card of BKFC 19: “Ostovich vs. VanZant” in an amateur glove match (he got a unanimous decision). cancel it. Another rapper intervenes, a gentleman named Malcolm Menicon.

Moving beyond sports stars, we have reality TV stars Cory Wharton and Chase Demore, who you may remember From the brawl that was posted last night, the midnight mania night.

Enough talk… let’s move on to the copper nails:

Austin McBroom vs. Anison Gibb Quick Results:

Anson Jeb Dave. Austin McBroom – KO Road. 4, 2:36
“Swaggy P” Nick Young vs. Malcolm Minikon – Show bout, fight stops after unintended header
Levon Bell defeated. Adrian Peterson – KO rd. 5, any given official time
Landon McBroom vs Adam Saleh – 38-38 x 3, tied
Cory Wharton vs. Chase Demore – Fair bout, unrecorded decision

Gameplay Updates by Austin McBroom vs. Anison Gibb:

180 lbs: Austin McBroom vs. Anson Gibb

Round 1: Jeep in black, Macbroom in white. McBroom looks as if he also has problems with his mouthpiece. Gib supports McBroom in the corner, but doesn’t do anything with it. Macbroom with the left of the body. McBroom flips and falls right-left pocket! Right hand drive by McBroom. Gib still doesn’t seem quite balanced now. Gib connects. Another right.

10-8 Macbrum

Round 2: The left straight lands solid for McBroom. Jeb re-fires his right hand to keep McBroom away. There is a left hook by Gib. McBroom left. It’s like NASCAR here with all these lefties.

10-9 Macbroom

Round three: Jeep almost landed great. get it right. Both men cracked the left. Jeep catches McBroom coming in. Right-left by pocket. There’s a nice left hand and a big right by Gib Knocks McBroom! Still progressing, although a bit quivering. Lift right by pocket. Right and left body knocks McBroom again!

10-7 pocket

Fourth round: They shoot and McBroom eats the shots as they exchange them in the pocket. Gib Swings Into a McBroom Problem – Down Goes McBroom Again! McBroom fights hard, despite his shaking. McBroom is trying really hard here, he’s going down, but he’s coming down again! He tells him the referee gives him one last chance. McBroom wiggles like hell. There is the final nail in the coffin!

Final results: Aneson Gib def. Austin McBroom, Co

220+ lbs: Nick Young vs. Malcolm Menicon

Round 1: Menicon in black, youth in white. Both men exchange rights. Young people are mostly spinning, looking forward to a showdown. Young hits a straight right. Hooks too.

10-9 Young in Show Rules Match (no registration).

Round 2: Huge exchange here knocking on the mouth of the Minikon. Minikon got a shot there too, but ate about two or three good shots and came back. There is a clean right from Minikon. “Swaggy P” with a fast left spurting.

10-9 Young

Third round: Young man with left and above. A young man complains of a bullet in the back of the head. Replays show that he took one to grab. Well, Young left it. Young hands down at his waist and throws forward with a left. He’s done it a few times now to good effect.

10-9 Young

Round 4: Same thing from Young again. What just happened here? Young fly outside the ring as the time reference is called. Looks like there was a head-to-head struggle for a moment? Auf, the reference stops her. The replay shows that he was just swept across his face by a forearm and that’s not Young’s greatest look here.

220 lbs: Adrian Peterson vs. Levon Bell

Round 1: Bill in white, Peterson in black. The bell opens with a blow to the body. else. Peterson just cut his back. Bell keeps going to the body, which is kind of nice to see from an amateur. AP misses right.

10-9 Bell Although there is no official scoring in this show

Round two: Bill sits down, but the reference doesn’t count, so maybe there was a foot tangle the camera missed? Body Blow from Peterson. The restart after the round ends shows that this was a clean blow and probably should have called it a knockout.

10-9 Peterson

Round Three: Bullets Left Behind. Right in the breadbasket. Gap by AP. Bill looking a little spot here.

10-9 Bill

Fourth round: Peterson didn’t succeed in anything other than that punch, and he doubled down on it. Bill hits a right, but he mostly gets a shoulder. Bill tries to raise his hand, misses.

10-9 Bill

Round 5: Huge Right Hand Plants Adrian Peterson! The AP gets up, but it looks wobbly, and given that this is a gallery, the reference doesn’t have any of it.

Final results: LeVeon Bell def. Adrian Peterson, TKO

165 lbs: Landon McBroom vs. Adam Saleh

Round one: Macbroom in blue, valid in grey. Heads bump a little on the first dash together. McBroom with a quickie. Saleh spins and does not throw much. There he goes with a set of 3 punches, but doesn’t land on anything.

10-9 Macbroom

Round two: fit for the body. second. Ref. Warning about reimbursement. McBroom supports Saleh in the corner and shoots. Seven strange punches, most of them missed, but still in one direction. Saleh gets a raise of the hand. Direct by McBroom.

10-9 valid

Round Three: No real clean land from either man here. Saleh supports and grabs whenever MacBrum closes the ground. There is a left and right counter of the fit. Finally a clean one of fit lands.

10-9 valid

Fourth round: Saleh advances and left. Macbroom with one. The gentle right hand holds Saleh’s duck. 1-2 misses McBroom. Enters the clean counter right from McBroom.

10-9 Macbroom

Final results: Landon McBroom tied with Adam Saleh

220 lbs: Cory Wharton vs. Chase Demore

Round one: Demore in white, Wharton in black. Wharton backed out at a low altitude, shooting heavy from the start. Demore does not seem comfortable with his mouth. Demoor and Wharton’s right hand takes the knee, but it’s a slip. Left by Wharton.

There is no official registration, but I will give that to Demoor 10-9

Round two: Wharton came out strong, but didn’t drop any of those big shots. Finally he fell left. else. They stand motionless for only a few seconds making fun of each other. Demore hits the left.

10-9 Wharton

Round 3: Demoor gets a counter right. Malignaggi and Garcia smash Demoor’s skill level here, and while I don’t blame them, it’s still effective here because Wharton is unable to find his set. It goes right and left while the bell rings

10-9 Wharton

Fourth round: Demoor with a swipe. Demore is chasing Wharton for a bit now. lands right. 1-2. All the enthusiasm left Wharton’s step here.

10-9 Dimore

Round 5: Stop the assailant here and Wharton must escape the danger zone. A little sarcasm and finally Wharton left.

10-9 Demoor on my unofficial recordings, although there is nothing for this show.

For more information on “McBroom vs. Gib” and other boxing-related events, click over here.

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