Meltdown Martha Model

Martha’s Vineyard was all over the news.

The Tony’s Resort community loves help and comfort illegal immigrants who were flown from Florida, where I hugged them – for 48 hours.

Curiously, the left became disjointed when the governors of the red states—whose states were flooded in the past two years with nearly 3 million people who had entered the country illegally—finally decided to spread the welcome business among the wealthy blue nation’s communities.

It was a normal fit.

Most of them, such as Washington, D.C. and New York, were registered as protected city jurisdictions. In abstract terms, they advocate open borders and celebrate diversity – from the serenity of thousands of miles away.

The uproar at Martha’s Vineyard prompted the Democratic hierarchy to do some explaining. Why did you not earlier object to the federal government’s overnight flights of tens of thousands of border-crossers to the red state’s communities that opposed Illegal immigration?

Why the outrage at rulers who were only emulating that policy by moving fifty newcomers – in broad daylight – to a richer, liberal-minded sanctuary resort?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis The rich, almost all-white holiday place gave an opportunity to match noble words with noble deeds. But in response, the 1% shouted that their small community couldn’t handle just 50 newcomers.

So far, the wealthy progressive enclaves of Malibu, Aspen, and Napa have not come forward to relieve the “burden” placed on their brethren on Martha’s Vineyard.

They should ask how a once poor person or El Paso could cross the hundreds of thousands of people who illegally cross into their communities — once Joe Biden made federal immigration law null and void?

Martha’s Vineyard Obama’s vacation mansion is currently vacant, as are most of its neighbors’ properties. Their large and vast lands can still serve as ideal centers for hundreds of migrants to camp.

Almost all expats would certainly prefer Obama’s house and its sights and scenery to crowding among the poor at the border.

Here where I live in southern Fresno County, California, is often ground zero for those who arrive without documents, receiving communities try hard to make room for immigrants.

On my way, small farmhouses are now being rented to landlords who often manage to accommodate 20 or 30 immigrants on their small plots.

Indeed, almost all farmhouses are surrounded by trailers, huts and canopies where hundreds of undocumented live – to the complete indifference of the state and the utter neglect of the left-wing elite of California.

Instead, the living elite virtue of apartheid suggests that increased crime, gangs, drug trafficking, prostitution, and child trafficking do not accompany the opening of borders.

From my personal experience, I can attest that many have found otherwise.

But to be fair, Martha’s Vineyard could serve as a permanent way station to cross the border. In this way, it may provide a more impartial long-term assessment of the impact of illegal immigration on American social services and societies.

The Vineyard could offer the nation a test case for whether the frantic panic of the privileged reveals their racism and xenophobic stereotyping – or whether these are highly understandable reactions to Biden’s reckless and inhumane open border policies. Administration.

This new idea of ​​redirecting undocumented immigrants from flooded communities at the border to more supportive sanctuary cities may also serve as a moral model for all of us on a variety of other issues.

For those who object to creating land for the homeless away from urban parks and downtowns, could they instead offer their own yards to help spread the burden among the entire community?

For those who mocked the effectiveness border wallsIs it permissible for them to pledge not to erect fences around their properties?

For those who deplore the excessive carbon footprints of consumer classes, can they pledge not to fly private jets until catastrophic climate change abates?

For those who think natural gas is a highly carbonated fuel for electricity or home heating, can they pledge not to heat swimming pools or cool their homes below 78°C?

For those who have supported defunding the police and decriminalizing a range of past misdemeanors and felonies, can they shine a spotlight on safety and security by not hiring private security guards?

For those who demand widespread control of guns and denounce the ubiquitous pistols, will they pledge not to use armed security elements?

For those who feel charter schools undermine public schools as much as union faculty empowers them, can they avoid private prep schools?

The Martha’s Vineyard Experience represents a unique opportunity for modern progressivism.

See it as a teachable historical moment to prove to the nation that the leftists’ vociferous theories and their utopian agendas reflect – rather than contradict – their past, concrete and lived experiences.

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