Memphis author writing a book for Marvel

“The two made their way to the ledge of the prominent rock as thunderous waterfalls thundered and threw the air into a sweeping song. The Killmonger vibranium sword struck T’Challa’s thigh, but the attack left the Killmonger’s defenses open, and the Black Tiger hit his elbow with Killmonger’s rock-like jaw.”

Violent brawls, reckless fighting, death-defying acrobatics. Such physical action is bruised bread and butter and action films – visual media that wow fans with graphic drawings of colorfully dressed heroes and villains in stylized, dramatic encounters rendered in pen and ink or photography and effects rather than words.

Glowing instant translation of graphic storytelling in the form of literature – pages without pictures! One of the challenges faced by Memphis author Sherry Renee Thomas was in Black Panther: The Wrath of the Panther, a 325-page novel arriving October 11 from Titan Books and Penguin Random House.

Memphian Sherry Renee Thomas is the author of

Thomas and her publishers hope the timing is perfect. Described as “a novel from the Marvel universe,” “Panther’s Rage” hit bookstores exactly a month before the opening date of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” the highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Black Panther, which grossed $1.3 billion in worldwide box office and is ranked sixth on the all-time money-making list of films in North American theaters.

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