Michigan Wolverines Jim Harpo on Internal Michigan Radio after Iowa

Michigan Wolverines Head coach John Janssen joined his weekly appearance on Inside Michigan Football A passion for culture, several players, and the team’s pursuit of excellence.

“Well, that’s a great victory for the team. I’ve really learned that the team cares about it – they love to play for each other. They love to win for each other. It’s a team that really cares about the other players on the team, and they play that way,” Harbaugh said proudly when discussing Michigan State’s win. Iowa last Saturday.

When discussing defensive performance, Harbaugh started with the front seven and the return of the peak pass.

“It was good to see the pressure come back. Looks like it’s been gone for a quarter or so,” Harbow said. “Mike Morris and Iebe (Oki) are on their own for four plays—either sacking the quarterback or pressing the quarterback for an incomplete or early throw. It was nice getting that back, and the coverage got tighter when needed. It was good to see. He was like that in the early part of the match and he was there at the end when we really needed him.”

Harbo continued to defend, turning his attention to the secondary.

“We missed some drops in the area and left some seam holes,” Harbo said. “We won the game, we feel good about it, and we also feel good about all the opportunities for improvement. Nobody takes a long deep arc or pats the back because we see it. All the areas where the team can improve. And we are really excited about that.”

Perhaps the best quote from the interview came as Harbaugh continued to discuss the team’s pursuit of perfection and the desire to improve.

“As good as we feel, I am just conveying that we won and it is a big win for our team. But also that you are in a race to chase perfection that you will never get, but you want to find excellence.”

When discussing the offense, Harabugh couldn’t run out of good things to say about the unit as a whole, specifically quarterback JJ McCarthy, appearances by Donovan Edwards and Blake Corum, the entire offensive line and tight end Luke Schoonmaker.

“I thought he (McCarthy) did a really good job. We thought he was one of the best performers on the offensive side of the ball and in the team. I thought he did a great job taking what they gave him, and he only missed one shot, which is a deep throw for Roman (Wilson),” Harbow said before dancing to Edwards like a proud father.

“(Edwards) definitely saved our bacon when he jumped on the confusion. He added some good jogging in his running game and made a nice couple backyard. He’s only a sophomore, but he has a leadership presence on and off the field. You feel upbeat when he’s around I’m optimistic when he’s around – he has that deep voice, that loud voice. And he influences a lot of people, including myself, in a positive way.

“I love guys who love football and Donovan loves football and I love Donovan. Just in the way he attacks everything and the way he handles the match.”

One of the concerns of some fans after the Iowa game was the amount of touches Corum received (30 vs. Maryland, 29 against Iowa), but Harbaugh doesn’t seem to be concerned :l.

“It looks better to me the more reps, the more touches he gets,” Harbow said. “He’s not showing signs of being tired or anything.”

Playing behind an attacking line is certainly better than last year’s Jo Moore award-winning team.

Harbaugh addressed each player and the unit as a whole: “I think it was their best game collectively as a unit. Individually, there was some really great play. (Zach) Zenter and (Oluwatimi), the way they worked together. Trinity (Jones) I thought it provided His best match, and this is the third week in a row. It’s great to have Trevor Keegan back. I think it makes a huge difference. We’ve been talking about how good Geo (the calm) is doing and we’re really pleased with Jiu, but it’s even better with Trevor there. And Ryan Hayes has been consistent as much and collectively, playing together began to coagulate.”

Lest we forget, Schoonmaker became the target of choice for the young Michigan quarterback, and Harbaugh had high praise for the veteran tight end, saying, “It would be a good end for the pros.”

That praise, which comes from a successful former NFL coach famous for his use of tight ends, extends far beyond standard coach utterance.

Finally, Harbaugh briefly touched on the upcoming match with Indiana Hoosiers:

“They’ve been throwing the ball a lot. Midfielder (Conor Bazillak), they have a lot of faith in him. A really good arm, she can throw it all over the field. (Shaun Shivers) got 300 meters and some yards and they don’t run him that much, so he must have had it. Good average.Defensively, they are really good, they mix things up a lot.Different from Iowa, but it’s a tough defense, a strong punching defense.Preparation should be in place to determine the shots taken beforehand and then also be able to read once you cut Ball. A really good challenge in all three stages this week.”

Michigan State and Indiana kick off Saturday noon in Bloomington.

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