Mid-Season NBA Championship May Be Released Soon

What’s good, family? It’s Sykes, once again, here with another edition of Layup Lines. A quick word on the possibility of the NBA mid-season championships. There appears to be a legitimate possibility that the NBA will finally add the much-discussed mid-season championship to its regular season, according to Athletic Shams al-Shaaraniah.

The NBA Players Association and the NBA Players Association are still in discussions about meat and potatoes, but the framework appears to have been set. Details here:

  • Tournament matches will be played until November with the participation of all 30 teams.
  • 8 teams will play an individual knockout final in December while the other 22 teams will continue their regular schedule.
  • All games listed will be part of the regular 82-game schedule with one additional game for the two finalists at the end.

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