Mindvalley founder and bestselling author Vishen announces the release of the groundbreaking third book, The Sixth Stage Meditation Method, on September 20

1000 fans gather in the city center Los Angeles To celebrate the launch of the book September 17days before the official release

San FranciscoAnd the September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Uncertainty, global turmoil and fear have made meditation and other mental practices part of the daily routine for many today. According to FitBit data, meditation rates have increased 2,900 percent during the pandemic. vision, The New York Times Bestselling author and founder of the major personal growth brand Mindvalley, he is an expert at distilling spiritual and impactful techniques into easy-to-understand books and courses. Now, his highly anticipated third book, The Six Stages Meditation: The Proven Technique to Excite Your Mind, Reveal Your Goals, and Make Magic in Minutes Every Day (for sale September 20 2022; Rodal Books), offers a simple, yet utterly devastating exposition of one of the most ancient, widely promoted but often misunderstood practices: meditation. Those who purchase the book will also get free digital access to Vishen’s 6 Phase Meditation Quest that provides a deeper dive into this transformative practice.



This 6-stage meditation method condenses the wisdom of nearly 1,000 neuroscientists, monks, yogis, and meditation experts into a super-efficient script that readers can run as they prepare for the day. It is a radical reinvention of meditation that will give readers the tools to:

  • They become better and kinder versions of themselves

  • Increase happiness by focusing on love, compassion, gratitude and peace

  • Discover their vision for the future, imagine their perfect day, and count their blessings

  • Find deeper and more intimate relationships with loved ones

  • Make a meaningful impact on the world through their work

This hyper-sequencing will produce peak states in just minutes per day, all by following six main phases: Love, compassion, happiness, gratitude, peace, forgiveness, a vision for your future, mastering your day, your support, and blessings. Those who ordered before September 20 You will receive 500 meditations as a reward.

Vishen’s approach to meditation has captured the attention of Grammy Award-winning artists, CEOs, and professional athletes in nearly every major American sports league. The Sixth Stage Meditation method has been endorsed by notable names including the NFL Hall-of-Famer Tony GonzalezNBA star Reggie JacksonCanadian tennis champion Bianca Andreescu (who credits the method with helping her win the US Open in 2019), Jillian, MichaelsAnd the Jay ShettyDr. Shefali and others.

Vishen and fans, who have already been selected as a pre-order bestseller from Barnes & Noble, will celebrate the launch September 17 In the fashion district of the city center Los Angeles In the City Market Social House. He will also speak on stage Kanye West life coach Team StoryOpera relations expert d. Laura BermanWomen of Impact . Foundation Lisa Bellioand the queen of appearance Natasha Graziano. In addition, Mindvalley is pleased to partner with ZenWTR as sponsors for this event. Tickets are available at https://www.mindvalley.com/seminars/vishen.

The Sixth Stage Meditation Method is available for pre-order at https://www.mindvalley.com/6. When you purchase the book, you’ll get access via a QR code to Vishen’s online 6 Phase Meditation Quest, available exclusively to Mindvalley members.

About Mindvalley:
Mindvalley is the world’s most powerful transformation platform with a mission to help people advance in their greatness. From longevity and wellness, to peak performance and spirituality, we offer pioneering personal growth programs from today’s brightest educators to create a more mindful and connected world. Mindvalley’s educational platform, called “Quest”, delivers a new way of learning that achieves 5x better results in human transformation by combining groundbreaking technology, great storytelling, outstanding educators, learning theory and community interaction. Mindvalley reaches over 195 countries and has a collective community of 20 million fans. visit Mindvalley.comand we followed Mindvalley ConversationsAnd the InstagramAnd the Facebook And the Youtube For life changing teachings.

About Vishen:
Vishen is one of the architects of modern personal growth, raising many illustrious and well-known names in the industry. He has created Mindvalley, the world’s most powerful life-transforming platform that now has 20 million followers in 195 countries.

Launched and supported by hundreds of leading personal growth experts in the past decade, including Marisa BergBrain trainer Jim Quickand Dr. Shefali, who have some groundbreaking software on the Mindvalley app.

Vishen has written two bestselling books, including The symbol of the extraordinary mindwhich became #1 in the world on Amazon Kindle, and Buddha and Badass, which landed at number one on the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list. display it, The

Mindvale podcastIt has over 22 million downloads and is ranked in the top 5% of all podcasts worldwide.

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Sixth stage meditation method

Sixth stage meditation method

Fashion Live Los Angeles

Fashion Live Los Angeles



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