MLB Posteason Rooting Guide for 2022 Detroit Tigers: Wild Card Fan

The Detroit Tigers may not have made the post-season, but fans can still care about their roots

The Detroit Tigers have missed the playoffs for the eighth year in a row, and are now tied with the Los Angeles Angels for the longest dry spell in baseball. but only because tigers Not making it to post-season again, it’s not that fans can’t watch and enjoy the greatness of baseball.

Call me biased, but MLB Postseason He is the best in all four major sports. The audience is very engaged at every step, with loud cheers after logging out. The atmosphere is always electric.

We’ll be doing something a little different here at Motor City Bengals for the post-season. We will make a rooting guide for Tigers fans. If you’re struggling with who you want to root for the season, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

One thing to remember is that starting this year, the playoffs have expanded from 10 to 12 teams, with an additional Wild Card team being added to each league. Wild Card has also become a wild card series, with 2 teams in the top 3 competing to move on to the Divison series.

The top two seed in each league get to say goodbye, too. It’s kind of like how the NFL used to do this before it expanded to 14 teams.

This will be updated after each round, starting with the Wild Card round starting tomorrow. So let’s start with the first game in the MLS.

the match

Tampa Bay rays


Cleveland guardians


Both teams have one thing in common: they don’t want to spend money. Both rely on excellent scouts and player development to accomplish. Cleveland will beat you to death, while Tampa Bay uses next-level strategy to find every conceivable advantage to try to defeat their opponent.

This person must be thoughtless. The Guardians are a top-tier competitor, and frankly, they’re just annoying. ray root here. The winner of this series will face the Yankees at ALDS.

the match

Seattle sailors


Toronto blue jays


Oh boy, this is going to be a fun series. The Mariners are on the rise, snatching their first berth in the playoff since 2001. They are led by their four-headed beast. Youngsters George Kirby and Logan Gilbert have both had a great rookie season, and the acquisition of free agent Robbie Ray is back after a rough start. But the real prize was newly acquired trade time and extension acquisition Luis Castillo, who has been a dynamite since coming from Cincinnati. They may have given up drag to get it, but it’s been worth it so far.

Many would say the Blue Jays didn’t make it this year, and they’re not wrong. With this formation and rotation, one could argue that he should have won the AL East this year. But here they are, they host the Wild Card series.

No offense to the Jays here, because they are a fun team, but I personally root very hard for the Mariners. After more than two decades of messing around, they’re finally in the playoffs. They are fans who deserve to see them run deep. For other Tigers fans, I implore you to do the same, although I think Toronto is the better team.

The winner of this series will play the first-seeded Astros in the next round. To the National League…

the match

Philadelphia Phyllis


Saint Louis basics


Detroit Tigers fans have been despising the Cardinals since the 2006 World Championships. Even thinking about it now… brings back horrific, horrific memories.

With that said, former Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowkski is now at the helm of the Phillies as head of baseball operations. He led them to their first playoff birth since 2011. As you can probably guess, he’s still up to his old tricks, signing guys like Kyle Schwarber and former Tiger Nick Castellanos into big free agent contracts. He also traded one of their best chances for catcher Logan O’Hoppe on deadline for Noah Syndergaard.

I know a lot of Tiger fans still have an affinity for Dombrowski, so if you’re one of those people, you should be rooting for the Veles. If you still hate cardinals, root Phillies. Otherwise, the root remains for Phyllis. The winner of the series will play the defending NLDS World Champion Atlanta Braves.

the match

San Diego Padres


New York mets


The Mets must be feeling some cheating here since they won 101 games, but they’re stuck on the Wild Card run. On the other hand, they’ve led NL East for most of the season and haven’t won it, so the fault is theirs.

The Padres family is still mired in contradiction. Even after acquiring Juan Soto on the trade deadline, they still didn’t live up to their potential. After all the money they’ve spent over the past two years, after all the deals AJ Preller has done, 89 wins is the best they can do.

The former Mets ace Tigers had Max Scherzer prove their spin along with Jacob deGrom, so reach for the Mets for that reason. But the real former Detroit Tiger star is on the Padres list. That’s right, Brandon Dixon now plays for San Diego.

I was torn about this, but I just made up my mind. Badris root. Who wouldn’t want to see Brandon Dixon get a ring at the end of it all? (Former Tigers-listed Jose Azucar is on the Padres roster too, for what he deserves.)

The winner of this series will play the juggernaut who wins the 111 Dodgers in the next round.

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