Mortgage Academy Company Review 2022

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Types of loans offered

Matching, FHA, Virginia, USDA, Jumbo, Renew, Reverse, State Housing Agency

Types of loans offered

Matching, FHA, Virginia, USDA, Jumbo, Renew, Reverse, State Housing Agency


  • Multiple loan term options
  • Transparency on credit requirements
  • Works with state housing agency mortgage programs and accepts down payment assistance


  • Requires a relatively high score on all mortgages
  • Do not disclose prices or fees online
  • Do not lend in New York

more information

  • Available in 49 states and Washington, DC
  • It has physical branches all over the country
  • Offers huge loans of up to 2 million dollars
  • Minimum credit score and down payment offered to match mortgages

General rating of the lender

Pros and Cons

Mortgage interest rates and fees at Mortgage Academy Inc.

To find out what kind of rate you might get with this lender, you will need to contact a loan officer, as they do not publish sample rates online. You may also want to ask about the fees it charges borrowers, such as the creation or underwriting fee.

Many lenders display sample rates on their websites. While these rates are not a guarantee of what you will eventually pay, they can give you an idea of ​​the range of rates offered by the lender. Some lenders are also transparent about the lender fees they charge at closing, which helps borrowers better understand what they might ultimately pay in closing costs.

Mortgage Academy vs Chase

Chasing It may be a better option for first-time homebuyers thanks to the DreaMaker mortgage, which allows for lower down payments and less stringent credit requirements.

But if your state housing agency offers a mortgage program for low-income or first-time home buyers, you may be able to get a very affordable mortgage from the Academy Mortgage Corporation, which works with these agencies to create mortgages.

Mortgage Academy vs. Mortgage Syndicate

Mortgage Academy Inc. Syndicate mortgage Offering very different experiences, the best option for you depends on your needs.

Guild is a highly rated online lender that allows you to complete much of the application process digitally. Academy Mortgage also has digital capabilities, but you will need to contact a loan officer first, which may be useful for first-timers who are not very familiar with the mortgage process or those who would like to talk through their options individually. -One.

How does the Mortgage Academy work?

You can get started with the Academy Mortgage Corporation with a lender’Find a loan officerSearch functionality to locate a branch near you. You can also fill out an online form with some basic contact information and someone will get in touch with you. Then, you will be able to use the lender’s application to complete your application.

Mortgage Academy lends in 49 states and Washington, DC. It also has physical subsidiaries across the United States. It is not available in New York.

This lender offers matchingAnd the FHAAnd the VirginiaAnd the US Department of AgricultureAnd the jumborenewal reflectMortgages and State Housing Agency.

State housing agency mortgages are housing loans offered through state agencies that aim to make home ownership more affordable with features such as low down payments, down payments, help in closing costs, and lower interest rates. Agencies typically work with participating lenders, who are the ones who actually create the loans.

The Academy Mortgage Corporation requires a minimum score of 620 for government-backed mortgages, which is higher than many other lenders require.

Is the Mortgage Academy trustworthy?

Our Foundation Mortgage Academy A + . rating From the Better Business Bureau. A strong BBB score indicates that the company honestly advertises, responds effectively to customer complaints, and is transparent about business practices.

In 2022, the Mortgage Academy agreed to settle A lawsuit claims that he was Approval of non-qualified FHA loans.

on it Zillow Lender PageThe Academy Mortgage Corporation has received 4.96 out of 5 stars out of a total of 26,253 customer reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Academy Company

Yes, the Mortgage Academy is a direct lender. This means that you will work directly with the lender, and not through an intermediary, and he will handle all tasks related to the underwriting and creation of the loan.

approx. Academy of Mortgage Lenders in 49 states and Washington DC. The only state that doesn’t lend it is New York.

The Academy Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1988, which means it has been creating mortgages for over 30 years.

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