Murder – Netflix Murder Mystery – Rolling Stone by Christian Bale

It is 1830 onwards The snow-covered New York campus of the United States Military Academy and a young cadet are found hanged. The coroner and others would eventually discover that the man’s heart had been stolen from his chest and that a fragment of a note, not yet deciphered, had been hidden away, clutched in the dead man’s mighty grip. do not worry: Christian Bale on the case. Pale blue eye Bell stars as Detective Augustus Landor, the kind of guy whose reputation (dead wife, missing daughter, alcoholism and great detective skills) precedes him like a stink. This means that he is perfect for the job: he has no one and nothing to lose. And he has seen enough death, one supposes, that the horror of this quest, in which the body count is sure to increase, might not reach him.

ball curve Pale blue eye He will throw Landour Road not so much because of his position mystery, even as the issue grows to include Satanic rituals, dead animals, and the emotionally volatile rich. These things prove strangely uninteresting. The student better finds Landor in a tavern late one night, pulls him aside, and says, ‘The man you’re looking for is’–a sexy pause–‘ A poet. How does he know this man? He’s a poet too. Apparently he is Edgar Allan Poe.

This name means nothing to Landor. But of course that means something to us. Pale blue eyeWritten and directed by Scott Cooper and based on Louis Bayard’s 2003 novel of the same name, it is ostensibly only a movie about a mystery. Really, it’s a movie that centers on the somewhat oddity of the bard in his midst, who is only recruited into Landor’s company, at first, for his Gothic instincts. Well, and perhaps for the fun of his hifalutin’ game, the general Old South core of his company, which stands out as exotic in the Hudson Valley, has thus made him a target among his peers. Poe, played by adventurous eccentric Harry Melling, is a painful romantic, unique in nature, big talker, passionate on poetry and unexpectedly game for diving into the wreckage of this mystical story.

The movie has a wide range of actors ranging from Timothy Spall to Gillian Anderson to Charlotte GainsbourgToby Jones and Simon McBurney. But it’s Meiling who stands out, because he’s supposed to. If he had not been Edgar Allan Poe, he would have looked like a plant: a character whose strangeness aims to lure our suspicions, in favor of the more obvious trickster who drifts somewhere in the shadows, pulling at the strings. But Because It’s Edgar Allan Poe, we know better: this is the guy who didn’t write (and read, for a woman he loves) “The Raven” — which the movie gives him a chance to do. it’s a romanticAnd not fatal. So it’s up to the rest of this bleak ensemble to boggle our minds, a job they barely do, in a movie that doesn’t always seem confident about how and whether it aims to please us. Pale blue eye Heavy, and not always in its favor. Melancholy, which is intended to come off as a good look at American Gothic, gets in the way of its weirder and scarier parts. The offense is that they do so in service of a mystery that hardly matters. Even the characters ultimately feel like they’re getting their way.

Bill and Cooper work well together. The actor starred in Cooper out of the oven (2013) and hostiles (2017). The category is: “downtempo macho.” Cooper spent several years as a working actor before turning to screen directing and is – not surprisingly – very good with actors. It was his directorial debut crazy Heartwho caught it Jeff Bridges Oscar late in his career, and his most recent work, such as hostilesShowcasing the impressive skills of actors like Rosamund Pike and Wes Studi. His films are more cohesive for their actor muscles than for the ins and outs and the stories they tell, and Pale blue eye No different. The direction is mostly solid and straight but for the sense that the actors are given good leeway to get weird. The film is full of slight curiosities, almost none of which are about heartbreaking and the devil-loving mystery of its central story and almost all of it, instead, is down to the actors: from Melling’s outlandish audacity (which inspired even Bill Landor’s back-and-forth applause), to Timothy Spall’s callous tenacity and lofty bravery. for Gillian Andersonwho brought the same sense of quivering superiority to the role as she did to her take on Thatcher, for the crown – Just make it the 19th century, and somehow more sinister.


Christian Bale and Harry Melling in Pale blue eye


As the waitress who is also Landor’s love interest and boyfriend, Charlotte GainsbourgPatsy might be the most normal character here. Unsurprisingly, she is among the most used cast members. It’s almost too bad — she’s so interesting, you’re about to want her to insert herself into the story somehow, betray someone, spice things up. Pale blue eyeWith its bleak, snowy landscapes and shady interiors, it can feel like a moody quest for a better story. For a film full of mysteries, there’s death in large part to it, as if there’s no point in getting too emotional about a fact that will inevitably end up on itself in the end. Bill is the restless soul holding the center, and the broader group of West Point students — some of whom are obviously not very good — make for great contrast in the margins. It’s a band in service of a story that barely satisfies when it finally decides to tie things up. It turns out that the real fun was always aiming for the weirdos we met along the way.

Which makes Bell a necessary counterpoint. He’s in pain, but not to the limit, at least not in this role. His wayward detective isn’t committed enough to be this work that snaps him out of his doldrums, giving him a chance to redeem himself. This movie is not about that. He’s not the detective as a savior, nor is he really a man in need of redemption, not exactly. Bill is somehow too even-handed to dive hard into the archetype. He approaches the role the way Landor appears, at first, to deal with this crime: like a man on the job, perhaps not much more than that. Being a true movie star, the kind of actor worth watching even when the movie isn’t, Bale can do just that and get away with it. what saves Pale blue eye Of himself he knows a lot.

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