NBC releases updated sports theme for the first time

NBC Sports debuted over the weekend of January 14, 2023, incl Updated network logo Feather decoration.

The new hallmark begins with a black background and feather shapes filled with images from a specific sport or event, starting with the Olympic Games, to which NBC has the rights to broadcast.

The rest of the hallmark follows largely the same general theme – in the form of a defined feather with the video zoomed in toward the camera, sometimes with broad, bold colored stripes animated in it.

There is a final series of inlaid colored feather elements, with the last one skipping the viewport to reveal a dark background with an oversized 3D peacock monochromatic background before entering the yellow script logo next to the updated peacock.

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Notably, Peacock replaced the actual lettering “NBC”, which had previously been a different script mark than what NBC used, a lighter version of the NBC Tinker custom font.


The updated NBC logo is set in a bolder version of Tinker.

As the animated sequence plays out on screen, there is a mix of music and natural sound borrowed from each action as it appears, often using a clip that serves to define what is shown.

All sound fades out as the final logo enters, with a thin, slightly muffled version of NBC’s bells.

A former NBC Sports hallmark featured the logo up front, followed by a series of clips culled from archive footage, similar to the updated person approach. These images were presented in either a linear, side-by-side or full screen format.

Occasional vertical yellow accents and light burst effects were mixed in as transitions and accents.

Unlike the new defining feature, the old one featured natural voice, music, and an announcer, who would proudly announce that the network was the “home” for both on-screen sports and events.

In the latter part of 2022, the theme was updated to include the logo of each league, association, or team.

Another major difference is that the final segment of the cartoon featured the Peacock, USA, Golf Channel, and NBC logos in quick succession, all of which are ports of coverage produced by the sports department.

Overall, the old hallmark is starting to feel a little cluttered due to the many logos and branding that ended up appearing right in it, while the updated version, like many of the other refreshed brands being thrown out on NBC, is streamlined and focused on key brand elements. Commercial like the color and shapes inspired by the peacock.

Immediately prior to this version of the sports hallmark, the network used a largely identical version of the old NBC logo.

Like all networks, NBC Sports updates its premium brand from time to time.

NBC previously began rolling out a new “curtain holder” decking card with the updated logo that appears before most of its flagship programs and special presentations other than sports.


In late 2022, a new NBC peacock began appearing, featuring more generous spacing between feathers, a more prominent “beak”, updated colors, and the removal of white outlines.


NBC sources say the branding and logo updates will continue to circulate across the network and several related properties throughout 2023.

It has already been Shown in network shows and snipes, the bug also appeared in select portions of the sports graphics package used during NFL coverage over the weekend.

However, it is not used in the error displayed in the upper right corner of NFL games.

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