Netflix OBX Ferry to Chapel Hill NC Wildlife Social Media

We won’t soon forget when Geography North Carolina was slayed on Netflix a few years ago.

Nope, there is still no ferry from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill, eg The Outer Banks adventure writers would have us believe.

But a slip is always good for a laugh on social media, and the North Carolina Wildlife Regulatory Agency did its part Monday.

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission posted a (subtly edited) photo to Facebook and Twitter Monday afternoon rather big Eastern cottontail rabbit Sit on the ferry seat.

The post read: “This is a bunny taking the boat to Chapel Hill.”

He was accompanied by a Link for more information About one of three types of rabbits that are native to North Carolina.

FakeRabbitPhoto. jpg
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission posted an edited photo Monday afternoon of a Great Eastern Cottontail sitting on a ferry bench as a joke referring to the Netflix series “Outer Banks.” North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Of course, the post came with the hashtags #OBX3 and #IFYKYK (if you knew, you know).

The funny image (which would require a double take to confirm its fabricated nature) is a reference to the season 1 episode of the Netflix series “Outer Banks” from 2020. The episode suggested that it was possible to reach the landlocked town of Chapel Hill by boat from the coast.

There was already an island-to-coast ferry in the original script, Outer Banks producer Jonas Pate, a Raeford resident, told McClatchy News in 2020. Then the characters took a (very expensive, we’d imagine) Uber to Chapel Hill from there.

“But the scene of them getting into the Uber and driving to Chapel Hill was cut, and it was never shot,” said Butt. “We cut it off not realizing it would indicate that Chapel Hill was on the coast.”

Since then, there has been a file Long series of jokes On social media at the expense of the error.

It didn’t stop there. The show continued to be a social media sensation after a promotional poster was released last week for the series’ upcoming third season purporting to show a dramatic cliff next to the ocean, meaning it’s on the Outer Banks.

Display defense this time? The cliff in the poster depicts a fictional island in the showalso known as “Boguilandia”, is not located near the Outer Banks.

The Wildlife Resources Authority generated its share of misinformation in office.

“Wow!! Rare Hatteras Cliff Rabbit, never seen in the wild! Fun fact: They live in palm trees!” read one Facebook comment.

“I think it’s a nice boat trip to raise rabbits?” said another.

“Something looks like a hare,” another user replied.

Others accepted it as fact: “It looks legit.”

As for the rabbit, you’ve probably seen this familiar creature roaming the lawns and backyards of most suburban areas in North Carolina. They have adapted to living near humans and are the most common rabbit in the state, according to the WRC.

The other two original types are swamp rabbit and the Appalachian cotton-tailed rabbit.

Meanwhile, the third season of “Outer Banks” will be released on February 23.

This story was originally published Jan 9, 2023 7:36 PM.

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