New Assassin’s Creed for mobile, The Division Resurgence, and Marvel Snap enter pre-registration

Over the weekend, we saw an abundance of ads related to Android games. From The Division Resurgence opening pre-registration to the announcement of another augmented reality title for Niantic, there’s plenty of news to please mobile gamers. Last week, we also saw the debut of Gamespot Swipe’s mobile game show; our The tour collected the most exciting games from the event. So as we head into the holidays, there’s plenty of gaming news to roll around.


So since it can often be hard to stay up to date with everything that is revealed during a busy weekend, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up all the major mobile game announcements for your reading pleasure.

Ubisoft Striker

On Saturday, Ubisoft hosted Forward, a showcase of her upcoming games. There was plenty to see for all platforms, including some interesting tidbits for mobile.

Assassin’s Creed Jade

First of all, we have Assassin’s Creed Jade. Although details are still very few, it’s described as an “AAA RPG action-adventure game, which doesn’t tell us anything at all. However, it has been confirmed that it will be set in China; this region has only been visited in the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles.” : China So the more expansive Assasin’s Creed game set in China is definitely something interesting.

Netflix Games also announced a partnership with Ubisoft. This partnership will produce a new Assassin’s Creed mobile game alongside two other games set in the Valiant Hears and Mighty Quest worlds. Although not confirmed, this appears to be a separate title from Assassin’s Creed Jade.

Pre-register for The Division’s comeback

We saw our first gameplay of The split returns in JulyNow pre-registration is finally open. Unfortunately, there is still no release date, just a mysterious “2023” placeholder. However, from what we saw in the Swipe demo, it looks like the shooter might be worth the wait.

Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta

Eurogamer reported yesterday that Ubisoft is sending out invitations To test the latest game design. The closed beta is out now, but is available exclusively in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Singapore, and India; It is also not available for iOS devices.

If you are not lucky enough to be invited, we recommend that you pre-register using the Google Play link below. in our area Hands-on Alpha CSSWe noticed that the game was off to a good start, so we’re excited to see how the beta has improved the experience. Specifically, we hope that there will be improvements to the awkward touchscreen controls, which were made with one of the versions of Almost the best Android consoles Mandatory in Alpha build.

Marvel Snap and Marvel World of Heroes

A lot also happened outside of Ubisoft’s show this weekend; Marvel fans have received announcements regarding two upcoming games, Marvel Snap and Marvel World of Heroes.

Marvel Snap is a free card fighting game now available for pre-registration. While this may not excite you per se, former Hearthstone manager Ben Brode leads the second dinner, the team developing the game. Hopefully this level of experience means the game won’t be a failure.

Marvel Snap release date set for October 18You can register using the Google Play link below.

Then there’s Marvel World of Heroes. This is an AR game from Pok√©mon GO developer Niantic. Scheduled for a global release in 2023, Niantic claims to be “the first Marvel game where players become a unique Marvel Super Hero.” You can read all about it Niantic’s latest ad, but don’t get too excited; Niantic Looks like it’s in development for games just to be canceled.

Iron Marines Invasion

If you’re frustrated with all this pre-registration talk and obscure release dates, download Iron Marines Invasion. It is the latest game from Ironhide Games, developer of the popular Kingdom Rush franchise.

Iron Marines Invasion is a follow-up to Iron Marines and promises the same offline RTS experience with a host of new features and improvements, along with a wealth of new missions and maps to play on.

Although mysterious release dates mitigate some of these exciting announcements, it’s still a tough weekend for mobile gamers. And if Iron Marines Invasion isn’t your cup of tea, try the latest version Rail-road Instead, an all-new puzzle game that combines adorable dogs and trains. One thing is certain; There’s no shortage of exciting games coming to mobile lately, which is great to see as the holidays approach.

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