New Seahawks Harris and Fant are ready to reunite with the Broncos

RENTON, Washington (AP) – Of course there is a lot of interest building surrounding the reunion that will take place in Seattle next Monday night.

Yes, new Seattle linebackers Shelby Harris and Noah Fant are about to face their old team when the Denver Broncos come to visit for the season opener.

Isn’t the reunion you were thinking of?

“They’re real experienced footballers, you could tell,” said Seattle coach Pete Carroll. “Although Noah is still young, he comes in and has a really good sense of the game, he can do everything, and he’s a natural player. Shelby has been around and he’s a worker. He’s been very productive in the games and he’s done a good job.”

Undoubtedly, most of the attention in the days leading up to Monday’s opener will rightly be directed to Denver quarterback Russell Wilson and his return to Seattle after spending the first decade of his career with the Seahawks before foreign trade to the Broncos.

It’s the main story and it should be.

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