NFL Scores, Schedule, Week 2 Live Updates: Jimmy Garoppolo Has 49 Players Rolling After Tri Lance Injury

It’s week two of the 2022 NFL season, and we’re keeping you updated with all the action and biggest happenings throughout the day. Week 2’s roster features some great matches and storylines, and we’re here to help you watch them unfold. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.

week 2 schedule


heads 27, chargers 24 (Takeaway)


giants 19, leopards 16 (Takeaway)
Jaguar 24, ponies 0 (a summary)
dolphins 42, crows 38 (Takeaway)
patriots 17, Steelers 14 (Takeaway)
Planes 31, Brown 30 (a summary)
pirate 20, saints 10 (Takeaway)
black 36, leaders 27 (a summary)
hawks in rams4:05 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Seahawks in 49ers4:05 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
basics in Raiders4:25 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Bengals in Cowboys4:25 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Texas in Bronco4:25 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
bear in Packers8:20 p.m. ET (preview)


titans in Invoices7:15 p.m. ET (preview)
Vikings in the Eagles8:30 p.m. ET (preview)

49ers Rolling With Jimmy J

With Trey Lance off the field with an ankle injury, veteran Jimmy Garoppolo stepped in and kept the 49ers in control of the Seahawks. He completed 8 of his 11 passes in the first inning for 106 yards and a touchdown as San Francisco holds 20 first-half points.

First career INT

Who cares that cornerback Decoby Durant played college football in South Carolina. He was good enough for the Rams to recruit in the fourth round, and he played a big role in his second game. The ball hit Cordarelli Patterson’s hand and fell to Durant, whose 51-yard return made a third touchdown for the Rams: a throw-and-take from Matthew Stafford to Cooper Cope.

RB throws INT…

Just as the Seahawks were trying to get back into this game before the break, offensive coordinator Shane Waldron requested a feint that led to DeeJay Dallas attempting a pass in his first career. It ended the way you’d expect: Dallas threw the ball straight to a 49er-man defender to end a promising campaign with no points.

bollard scampers for long term

The Cowboys play inspired soccer with a backup Cooper Rush under the center. Rush threw an opening car touchdown to Noah Brown, then Tony Pollard followed up with a 47-yard sprint down the left sideline that put Dallas outside the finish zone. The Cowboys rewarded Pollard by giving him the ball back, and he delivered it with the score.

Dolphins are winning in an unlikely way

Tua Tagovailoa threw six touchdowns against the Ravens, which is pretty cool. Remarkably, four of these came in the fourth quarter! Two of them went to Tyreek Hill, the third went to River Cracraft, and the final and most important result was a seven-yard connection to Jaylen Waddle with only 14 seconds to play.

The Jets steal victory with a late comeback in fourth place

It truly is a miraculous victory for aircraft. It slipped 13 points 90 seconds before play and somehow stole the win from Brown at home. Here’s how it went: Joe Flacco hit Cory Davis for a 66-yard touchdown with 1:22 to play, Gates rebounded a kick to the side, and rookie Garrett Wilson grabbed his second goal of the game with 22 seconds left. Because Kid York had missed an extra point earlier in the game, New York came up with an extra point of its own. Jacobi Brissett’s opposition resulted in an unfathomable loss for Cleveland.

From Tua to Tyreek TWICE

The dolphins refuse to leave. Down to 21, they tied the match after Tua Tagovailoa fired two bombs into Tyreek Hill for the fourth and fifth touchdowns in the afternoon for Tua.

James throws three picks for fourth

James Winston, who threw a whopping 30 interceptions in 2019, got back to his old ways on Sunday against the Buccaneers. Three possessions in the fourth quarter and three picks for Winston. The third was by far the worst, with Mike Edwards returning 68 yards to land in front of all but the Buccaneers winning.

chubb x2

Nick Chubb, perhaps the best pure runner in the NFL, was solid again on Sunday. He rushed 15 times for 78 yards and two touchdowns, and the second put Brown forward early in the fourth quarter on the jets.

beautiful INT

James Winston wanted Chris Olaf to hit a deep ball near the goal line. Instead, he jumped and twisted Jamal Dean as he descended with an impressive interception to retrieve the pirate.

Brave huge

Pirates and saints do not like each other. Need a guide? Look no further than this massive brawl that erupted late in the third quarter of a 3-3 match. As a result, Mike Evans and Marshawn Lattimore were fired.

Lamar home

When negotiating a record-breaking new contract off next season, Lamar Jackson only needs to put the movie out of his game against the Dolphins. Three landings in the air and now one on the ground after everyone got past a 79-yard house call.

Swift is fast!

It looked as if the Lions were about to give up their 20-plus point lead, but D’Andre Swift eased the minds of Detroit fans with a brilliant solo effort. He fell back after getting a pass at the 20-yard line, but with no one around to touch him, he showed up, made three defenders miss Barry Sanders, and then raced to the end zone.

stuffed punt

Gunner Olszewski’s revenge game didn’t go the way Gunner Olszewski intended. After losing 10-6, the Steelers were ready to get the ball back when Olszewski blocked the ball, allowing the Patriots – the team Olszewski played in their first three seasons in the NFL – to get a first chance and a goal. They took advantage of Damian Harris scoring from two yards away to give New England 11 points.

Brady continues to fight the saints

The greatest quarterback of all time couldn’t figure out the Saints’ defense. The Buccaneers, 9-0, were disqualified in their second encounter with New Orleans a year ago, and laid a goose egg in the first inning against their division rivals on Sunday afternoon. Tom Brady, as expected, is not happy at all.

Leaders on board

The first half was a memorable one for Washington, who ceded 22 game start points and entered the locker room with a zero on the scoreboard. The third quarter started much better, as the leaders drove 64 yards in five plays and scored their first touchdown on a long pass from Carson Wentz to Curtis Samuel, who held on despite the big hit.

Hutchinson can’t be stopped

Lions learned that Aidan Hutchinson would be a producer; That’s why they drafted it with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. But three sacks in the first half produced? They didn’t imagine it, but that’s exactly what happened in the first half against the leaders. Detroit puts him in Washington, and the rookie striker is a big reason for that.

I’ve got moss!

Sorry Ahkello Witherspoon, but that’s exactly what happened at the end of the first half of the 3-3 game. Just as Witherspoon thought he was about to make an interception, Nelson Agulor jumped over him, snatched the ball out of his fist and left it in the dust for the last five yards from 44 yards. Catch of the day so far from Agholor.

Dealing with Lamar

Despite the sudden relegation reversal, Lamar Jackson had a superb first run in the Ravens’ home opener. He completed 11 of his first 13 passes for 210 yards and three runs, the first of which went for 75 yards to Rushod Pittman and the second went to Mark Andrews from one yard.

His third, De Marcus Robinson, put the crows 28-7 above the dolphins.

Travis who?

Many people expected Travis Etienne’s 2021 first-round pick to override rookie James Robinson for 2020 as Jaguar’s best team this season. By a match and a half, that wasn’t the case. In the first week, Robinson outperformed Etienne and scored two goals. Robinson’s success continued against the Colts, as the 37-yard touchdown put Jacksonville into double-digits against his squad opponent.

Robinson returned from an Achilles tendon injury he suffered late last season.

Wilson TD stores for the first career

The Jets’ top draft picks fueled the landing of their second leadership in Cleveland. Bryce Hall slipped in the second round for 23 yards in the third and short, and three plays later Garrett Wilson, seeded 10th overall, grabbed the first of his career to tie the match.

Fake gamble!

Everyone loves a fake bet, and the Jets executed it perfectly in 4th and 2nd place in their territory. Braden Mann took the snap, put his feet up and threw a rope to Jeff Smith for 17 yards, keeping the drive alive.


Dan Campbell didn’t risk going into fourth and goal, but the consolation prize was that the leaders were almost backed into their own end zone. That’s when Carson Wentz is stripped by Charles Harris and the ball bounces out of the end zone for two points for Detroit.

Swift breaks another big run

Two games, two over 50 yards for Lions ‘D’Andre Swift. The third year in a row he missed training most days of the week with an ankle injury, but he looked absolutely fine as he turned the ball over to the right, made a few quick passes to the left and then beat the defenders all the way down to the seven. – The yard line. Unfortunately for Detroit, he went out without points after a failed fourth and goal attempt.

Opening kickoff touch!

While the Ravens had the best start possible, the Panthers had one of the worst, with Chuba Hubbard fumbling on the opening start that immediately set up the Giants within the red. Fortunately for Carolina, the defense was solid to force a three and force a field goal.

Opening Kick-Off Return of TD!

The crows got the lottery against the dolphins, but Lamar Jackson and Crime never stepped onto the field. That’s because Devin DuVernay, who scored twice when conceding a touchdown in the season’s opening win, took the kick-off at 103 yards to score. What a start in Baltimore!

Super Bowl optimists hope to look for first win

Of the four teams that qualified for the Conference Championship last season, only the Chiefs came out with a win in the first week. The top seed in each conference also lost his first match.

All those teams (Rams, Bengals, 49ers, Packers, Titans) will be looking to forget their opening scores and start playing like the clubs that entered the season with high expectations. Aside from the Titans, who are a double-digit underdog to the Bills on Monday Night Football, they have showdowns favorable to getting back on track. (Teams averaging over nine points are favored in the second week.)

Win this week, and their fan bases can take a deep breath after an unsettling start. But he lost more than a favorite relegation point to go down to 0-2, and there will be plenty of questions for coaches and players about what went wrong.

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