NFL Week 6 injury report: Marshawn Lattimore and Michael Thomas out of the Saints

NFL: SEP 25 Saints at Panthers

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Week 6 of the 2022 NFL season kicked off Thursday with the leaders’ win and continues with 12 more games on Sunday, meaning the 24 teams in those games submitted their final injury reports for the week on Friday.

The teams playing Monday night will not release their final injury reports until Saturday and are not listed here.

Bengals in Saints

Bengals WR T. Higgins (ankle), T. Jonah Williams (knee), and T.E. Hayden Hurst (Thigh) Questionable for Sunday. Head coach Zack Taylor said: He expects Williams to play.

QB . Saints will start Andy Dalton again this weekthough James Winston (Back, Ankle) Move to a questionable list after a week of limited practices. They will remain reductive at the recipient with Jarvis Landry (ankle) and Michael Thomas (by foot) again and they’ll also be shortsighted in high school with playmaker CB Marshawn Lattimore (belly) out. K deont harty (ft) and DE Payton Turner (Chest) He was also left out. WR Chris Olaf (concussion), OL Calvin Throckmorton (hip), CB Paulson Adebo (knee), S. Marcus May (rib) and DT Malcolm Roach (Ankle) Doubtful.

Planes in Packers

DE Jermaine Johnson (ankle) Outside for aircraft. T Duane Brown (shoulder) Listed as questionable.

QB . Packers Aaron Rodgers (thumb) is From the injury report And ready to play, but LB rashan running (toe) blogger Doubtful. pound Tiba Galli (hamstrings) and WR Christian Watson (hamstrings) won’t play.

Crows in giants

WR Rashid Bateman (ft), G Ben Cleveland (ft) and LB Justin Houston (thigh) Outside for crows. RB Judge Hill (hamstrings) is considered questionable on Sundays.

WR Kenny Goladay (knee) and WR Kadarius Tony (hamstrings) stay out for giants. CB Cordal flute (hurry), S Tony Jefferson (feet), and S. Jason Pinnock (Ankle) also out. edge Aziz Ogulari (calf) is listed as questionable while TE Tanner Hudson (disease), WR Wandell Robinson (knee) and DT Leonard Williams (Knee) is listed as questionable.

Patriots at Browns

Patriots QB Mac Jones (ankle) is Listed as questionable After a week of limited practices. WR Nelson Agulur (hamstrings), DT Christian Barmore (knee), DT Lawrence Jay (shoulder), right-back RB Damian Harris (hamstrings), CB Jonathan Jones (ankle), LB Rickon Macmillan (thumb), WR Jacoby Myers (knee) and TE Juno Smith (Ankle) is also in question. pound Josh O’Shea (hamstring) was excluded.

The Browns exclude DE Jadvion Clooney (ankle, knee, elbow), T. Joe Haig (concussion), and CB Denzel Ward (concussion).

Jaguar in Colts

DT Folorunso Fatukasi (Quadriceps), DT Davon Hamilton (ft), WR Marvin Jones (hamstrings), WR Zee Jones (ankle) and LB Voysad Olokun (Calf) are all listed as questionable for Jaguar.

pound Shaquille Leonard (concussion, nose, back) and DE Kuwaiti Bay (ankle) Outside for the ponies. RB Jonathan Taylor (Ankle) questionable after returning to training on Thursday. s Julian Blackmon (ankle), CB Tony Brown (concussion) and RB Nihem Heinz (concussion) is also listed as questionable.

49ers in the Hawks

DT Eric Armstead (Foot and Ankle), DT Javon Kinlaw (knee), CB Emmanuel Moseley (knee), S. Jimmy Ward (hand), and T. Trent Williams (Ankle) is out for the 49ers, but DE Nick Bossa (thigh) He can still play After it is listed as questionable. J Aaron Banks (knee) and TE Tyler Croft (Knee) is listed as questionable.

Falcons TE Kyle Bates (hamstring) said earlier this week that he’s going to play, but The team recorded it Doubtful. LB Adet Ogundeji (Shoulder) and G Elijah Wilkinson (knee) in the same category while LB Michael Walker (Thigh) was left out.

Pirates at the Steelers

Disqualified pirate DT Achim Hicks (feet), CB Sean Murphy Bunting (Quadriceps) and S. Logan Ryan (Foot). WR Julio Jones (Knee) is also set to miss the match after it has been included Doubtful. s Mike Edwards (elbow) is listed as questionable.

The Steelers’ attempt to end their four-game losing streak will unfold without help from S. Minka Fitzpatrick (knee), TE Pat Freermouth (concussion), DE Demarfin Lil (knee), CB Cameron Sutton (hamstrings), CB Levi Wallace (concussion), and CB Ahkello Witherspoon (hamstrings).

Vikings in dolphins

RB Alexander Mattison (Shoulder) and DE DJ and sleep (Sickness) The only Vikings with injuries. Both are being called into question this weekend.

Dolphin QB Tua Tagoviloa KAN (concussion in the ankle) full participant In practice on Friday, but was disqualified for the second game in a row. QB Teddy Bridgewater (concussion) was also a full participant and was listed as questionable. If he gets dressed, the dolphins say he’ll be back Skylar Thompson. T Tyrone Armstead (toe), CB Elijah Campbell (ft), RB Raheem Mostert (knee) and TE Durham Smith (hamstrings) also have questionable signs during CB kader kohu (Abdominal) is listed as questionable.

Cardinals at Seahawks

Cardinals left right-back RB James Conner (ribs), CB Tryvon Mullen (hamstrings), k Matt Prater (right hip) and RB Daryl Williams (knee). J Max Garcia (toe), c Rodney Hudson (knee), DT Richard Lawrence (hand), and CB Byron Murphy (Thigh) are all questionable.

Seahawks will not have WR Benny Hart (hamstrings) and they are unlikely to have G Gabe Jackson (knee, hip) or DT Al Woods (knee) after being listed as questionable. s Joy Blount (hurry), CB Artie Burns (Thigh), WR Dwayne Eskridge (disease), WR Marquis Goodwin (knee and back) and DE Shelby Harris (Hip) Doubtful for the home team.

leopards in rams

QB Baker Mayfield (ankle) blogger Doubtful, which means that the Panthers will start PJ Walker In Los Angeles. WR Robbie Anderson (illness), T Cameron Irving (Thigh), CB CJ Henderson (knee), CB Jesse Horn (ribs), CB don’t jackson (ankle) and LB Frankie Love (Shoulder) are all listed as questionable while WR Lavisca Chenault (hamstring) and CB Stantley Thomas-Oliver (thigh) were excluded.

DT Aaron Donald (ft) and WR cooper cup (Foot) is listed as questionable, but Rams coach Sean McVeigh said he expects Both to play. CB Kobe Durant (hamstring), TE Tyler Higby (ankle), the QB John Wolford (Neck) is also listed as questionable. RB Cam Akers (personal) and c Brian Allen (knee) is excluded.

Bills in heads

WR . bills excluded Jake Comero (ankle) and included DT Jordan Phillips (hamstrings) questionable.

K Harrison Poetker (ankle) is set to return For chiefs after avoiding set injury. s Brian Cook (concussion), CB Rashad Fenton (hamstrings), the DT Turshon Wharton (Knee) All excluded.

Cowboys in Eagles

Cowboys plan to get started Cooper RushBut QB Duck Prescott (in the thumb of the right hand) Not left out Sunday night. WR sir lamb (hip) and T. Jason Peters (Chest) He joined Prescott with questionable signs. RB Rico Doodle (Ankle) excluded.

Eagles T Jordan Mailata (shoulder) set to play After returning to training this week, he avoided fixing the injury Friday. CB Josh Joby (Shoulder) and DE Yanarius Robinson (Ankle) Doubtful.

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