OPPO unveils line of “productivity” IoT products

OPPO unveils its line of Internet of Things products

Oppo’s three Internet of Things (IoT) products aim to help users be productive and stick to their New Year’s resolutions.

Oppo Band 2: A smart assistant for life using the Internet of Things

The first of Oppo’s three new IoT products is the Oppo Band 2, a smart watch It features an “ultra clear” screen, as well as a variety of features to help users lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Band 2 has more than 100 exercises, and can automatically detect activities like walking and running, using a rowing machine, or exercising on the elliptical. Oppo says its new product has also improved running features, so heart rate can be monitored via the HeyTap app.

Moreover, Oppo Band 2 users can access their health data and sleep patterns, with options to detect the wearer’s heart rate and blood oxygen. Meanwhile, the OSleep feature helps users arrange their sleep schedules, and they can monitor different sleep stages, along with oxygen levels.

Keep users productive with Oppo Pad Air

Weighing just 440g, the lightweight Oppo Pad Air features “the industry’s first 3D finishing technology and exclusive metal bonding design”, with a slim build and large screen. The 7100mAh battery means that users can use their device on the go without worries about running out of charge.

The Pad Air works as a laptop or even as a replacement for a laptop, with a series of features to help users achieve their personal and professional ambitions. The new clipboard sharing feature uses the Internet of Things to allow users to connect to their Pad Air and work simultaneously using a different device. The futuristic functionality gives users the opportunity to touch and move files from one device to another using the tip of a finger.

Oppo says it has replicated the “pen-to-paper experience” via its smart pen, with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and five grams of water pressure as well.

Oppo Enco Buds2: “Learn something new”

The new Oppo Enco phone Buds 2 You have a range of uses, from listening to audiobooks and podcasts to tuning in to music or taking phone calls as well. The 10mm titanium-coated speakers act as a portable subwoofer, providing listeners with reliable sound quality.

Buds2 feature noise canceling technology, which can separate human voices from the background noise around you, making it easier to take phone calls when you’re out and about.

Internet The technology means that users can control connected devices via the earphones, with the earphones featuring “simple and smart tap functions”. Moreover, the 28 hours of long-lasting battery life makes the Buds2 suitable for extended periods away from home.

IoT technology means that users can control connected devices via earphones.  (photo: Oppo)
IoT technology means that users can control connected devices via earphones. (photo: Oppo)

Oppo introduces the O Relax app to “find quiet moments”

O Relax is featured on the Reno8 Pro 5G and other Oppo devices running ColorOS 12.1, with a host of features to help users “experience moments of peace and quiet with their smartphone.”

O Relax features a library of audio files, from soothing music to nature sounds, that can be used to help users sleep, relax, or meditate. Oppo claims that sounds like white noise can be used to help users focus and clear their heads.

City Sounds is noted as a key feature, offering ambient sounds recorded from cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, and Reykjavík.

“The feature brings energetic sounds like the hustle and bustle of a busy subway to calm and serene sounds like the creak of rain on a window ledge allowing users to block out the chaos of life and immerse themselves in a serene experience,” Oppo says in a press release.

O Relax also contains deep breathing exercises and relaxation games, which use audio and haptic feedback to help users control their breathing.

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