Oscar Chiboy selected #1 on ESPN’s CBB Fiction Project (DUH)

What happens when the best college basketball player returns for another season? Common sense will tell you he’s going to be the best college basketball player for another season.

ESPN agreed with this reasoning in the file 2022 fantasy college basketball projectwith nothing but Kentucky Superstar Oscar Chiboy Getting off the board is in first place overall.

Analysts Jeff Borzello, John Gassaway and Myron Medcalf conducted the three-team squad, from eight rounds, and selected the 24 best players in college basketball this season. Five appetizers and three reserves, including the following conditions:

  • Each general manager could not draft more than one player from a particular team
  • Every team had to include a mid-level player who wasn’t from Gonzaga

Or not? Oscar Chiboy, chosen by Borzello at the top of the ranking.

“At first I didn’t want the first pick, just because I wanted to see how my opponents would handle recruitment. Do they lean toward taking on the best talent in the NBA or toward proven college players?” Borzello wrote. “However, it didn’t take long for a decision to be made: National Player of the Year, the man who broke all sorts of records and had 30 points and 16 rebounds in his last game last season. It’s over.”

Interestingly enough, Tshiebwe is the only Wildcat on the list, with neither Gasaway nor Medcalf selecting a Kentucky player for their teams. number travel wheelerAnd the Casson WallaceAnd the Jacob TobinAnd the Antonio ReevesAnd the Damon CollinsAnd the no one.

Among the coach’s bounty picks, though, Medcalf chose John Calipari to lead his fantasy team, if that means anything.

“I have a lot of vanity in my locker room. There’s a bunch of guys vying for national trophies and hoping to raise their stocks. It’s a challenge for any coach, but just another day for Calipari,” Medcalf wrote. “He’s the best ego manager in the business. And he’s going to let these guys do an offense that will allow them to play to their strengths. Calipari with two wooden award nominees, a few top playmakers and two talented shooters? Should we cut the net now or wait until April?”

Who chose the trio of analysts for their artificial teams? Check out the full draft below:

  1. Oscar Chiboy (Kentucky) – Borzello
  2. Trace Jackson Davis (Indiana) – Gasaway
  3. Drew Tim (Gonzaga) – Medcalfe
  4. Tiger Campbell (University of California) – Medcalf
  5. Nick Smith Jr. (Arkansas) – Gasaway
  6. Jaime Jaques (University of California) – Borzillo
  7. Marcus Sasser (Houston) – Borzello
  8. Armando Bacot (North Carolina) – Gasaway
  9. Galen Wilson (Kansas) – Medcalf
  10. Hunter Dickinson (Michigan) – Medcalf
  11. Hunter Maldonado (Wyoming) – Gasaway
  12. Cameron Whitmore (Villanova) – Borzello
  13. Kendrick Davis (Memphis) – Borzello
  14. Rasir Bolton (Gonzaga) – Gasaway
  15. Caleb Love (North Carolina) – Medcalf
  16. Derek Lively II (Duke) – Medcalf
  17. Chris Murray (Iowa) – Gassaway
  18. Max Upmas (Oral Roberts) – Borzello
  19. Keyonte George (Baylor) – Borzello
  20. Adam Sanogo (Okon) – Gassaway
  21. Matt Bradley (San Diego State) – Medcalf
  22. Will Richardson (Oregon) – Medcalf
  23. Jordan “Jelly” Walker (UAB) – Gasaway
  24. Colin Castleton (Florida) – Borzello
  • Borzello’s coach: Rick Pettino, Iona
  • Gasway coach: Drew Valentine, Loyola Chicago
  • Medcalf coach: John Calipari, Kentucky

What wild cats were ignored in the draft? Personally, you can’t tell me there will be 24 better players than Casson Wallace in college basketball next season. There’s an argument to be made for many other Kentucky players, too.

You’re telling me UCLA has two top six players in the country, and Kentucky doesn’t have two top 24 players? Stop it.

We will find out this season. My money is on cats.

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