The Las Vegas Aces won their first WNBA title, defeating the Connecticut Sun in Game 4 of Finals; Chelsea Gray was named Player of the Year

6:36 PM ET MA Close Covers MA Voepel WNBA, women’s basketball and other college sports for espnW. Voepel began covering women’s basketball in 1984, and has been with ESPN since 1996. UNCASVILLE, Connecticut – Almost a year ago, Las Vegas Aces He suffered an end-of-season loss that burned inside them throughout the winter months … Read more

Kyle Busch appears to confirm his crazy theory with Toyota’s latest ‘Mic Drop Moment’ research

Mechanical issues and driver safety have been at the forefront of all issues with next-generation cars, with many drivers already struggling. Interestingly enough, fans have a crazy theory that Toyota gave Kyle Busch a test car after his complaint, and surprisingly, that theory may be true. bush He was eliminated from qualifying in Bristol where … Read more

Norway oil fund warns of ‘risk’ that environment is on the agenda

The head of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund urged investors to stay focused on environmental, social and governance issues, warning of a “real danger” that economic turmoil and political backlash in the United States were pushing them off the agenda. Soaring inflation, a renaissance in fossil fuels ignited The war in Ukraine And growing … Read more

Meet Samantha Cristoforetti, the soon-to-be Italian astronaut to become the commander of the International Space Station

MILAN, ITALY – OCTOBER 08: ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti speaks during … [+] ESA (European Space Agency) Futura Mission Press Conference At Central Station on October 8, 2015 in Milan, Italy, Samantha Cristoforetti with colleagues Expedition 42/43 and the Italian Space Agency is holding a series of press conferences to raise awareness of how to … Read more

Einstein’s mental-bending theory of relativity passed another huge test

What is happening Scientists have sent a satellite into space to meticulously test Einstein’s weak equivalence principle. why does it matter The weak equivalence principle is an integral part of general relativity, so these test results provide further support for the fundamental theory of our universe. In 1916, Albert Einstein dared to state that Isaac … Read more

Poultry World V6 2022 is now available online

Interview with Thijs Hendrix: Consolidating Finance and Growth Ongoing investments will enable Hendrix Genetics to continue investing across its breeding programs, enhance its technology and data capabilities, grow its global customer base and expand into new markets. Poultry World Editor Fabian Procutter spoke to Theis Hendrix, Hendrix Genetics’ supervisory board chair, to find out more. … Read more

Lawmakers and advocates look to implement the Wildlife Corridors Act to make New Mexico roads safer | local news

All the components needed to create the perfect car crash have been put in place – more accurately, totally horrific. It was a dark winter’s night, and two elk were crossing NM 68 south of Taos, probably to search for food. That’s when Garrett VeneKlasen spotted animals while driving his old Lexus. VenKlasen had enough … Read more

iTWireTV Interview: Elaine Banup Talks Initial Comms, Business, Life Lessons, Metaverse, Mental Health & More

The Primary Comms Group is a great example of an integrated, joint, technologically savvy, modern organization offering a wide range of products and services catering to businesses in need of PR, community and stakeholder engagement services, creative advertising and branded content, with Primary Communication Partner, Elaine Banup, Join iTWireTV to take us adventures in PR, … Read more