Paul Swan reveals what it takes to be a NASCAR tire carrier

If you are thirsty NASCAR Hipster, you’re probably familiar with Austin Dillon’s tire carrier, Paul Swan. A star of the reality TV show, with a huge social media presence under his belt, Paul Swan was someone to watch in one of NASCAR’s most prominent lineups.

With a name like “tire carrier,” you might be thinking, “How hard is that?” But there’s a lot that goes into preparing to be a NASCAR crew member. to be an integral part of NASCAR racing teamThe person must be physically fit, and have a good work-life balance to prevent any potential stress.

Austin Dillon’s life in Fastlane Superstar Paul Swan lets fans know what it takes to be a part of it Richard Childress Racing. This article may inspire you to submit your resume to NASCAR.

A Day in the Life of a Tire Carrier, Paul Swan

Paul Swan has had a whirlwind career since he started in the pit. When an interviewer asks if he started out as a tire carrier or if he’s immersed himself in any other field in NASCAR, he quipped, “Always rubber slang. Always rubber slang. No need for another job!”

Working on the track as a tire carrier requires a lot of finesse and meticulous choreography. Time is of the essence when you’re working the hole because one wrong move can cost your team a win. That can put a lot of pressure on one’s shoulders, but Paul Swan is clearly the man for the job.

“There’s three of us jumping out of the front of the car—the front shifter, I’m the tire carrier, and the jack guy. The rear shifter comes in from behind the car, and we all do the right side. I hand the tire to the jack guy, ran around it to the right rear and hang that tire. I take the tire that came out of Right back off the rear shifter, and I run backwards to the wall and drop that, grab the front left tire by the tire roller, put the left tire in…and boom, that’s a stop. We have to do it in about nine seconds,” said former NFL quarterback Paul Swann. American football Jay Cutler in recent interview.

When Swan isn’t tossing rubber on the racetrack, you can find him kicking it with his family. Paul Swan and his wife Marielle welcomed their daughter Bella into the world in May 2022 – you might recognize Marielle Austin Dillon’s life in Fastlane And the racing wives. Fun fact: Marielle used to be a model for the victory lane in NASCAR. Guess the car racing in the family, huh? Bella will probably be part of the NASCAR pit crew in a couple of decades.

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Paul Swan workout routine

It’s no secret that being a member of the NASCAR team means strength and agility. After all, NASCAR Tires It weighs between 24 and 27 lbs. Changing tires in less than 10 seconds means being physically fit.

Swan often talks about how passionate he is when it comes to working out and training. As a graduate of Bowling Green State University (Go Falcons!), he majored in exercise science. Let’s not forget that Paul Swan has been an athlete his whole life, which also helps provide a fitness baseline that can translate on and off the racetrack!

To stay in shape throughout his career, Swan mentioned several workouts and exercise programs in his back pocket. CrossFit, agility-based workouts, and high-intensity training are ways Paul Swan loves to keep fit, to name a few. Lately, Swan seems to be indulging in weightlifting — which makes sense when dealing with tires and heavy equipment. Austin Dillon definitely has credit on his team.

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The Diet That Keeps Paul Swan looking his best

You may have heard the old saying: “You can’t get past a bad diet!” For Paul Swan and other members of the NASCAR pit crew to be able to stay on the ball, staying in shape is 50% exercise and 50% diet.

When Swann was playing college football, he was lucky enough to be able to eat whatever he wanted! This is because he has to gain weight as a linebacker. Once football was over, Swann found himself sticking to what he knew and was comfortable with – eating without much of a schedule, not paying much attention to the types of foods he was consuming.

During the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Paul Swan stopped eating out as often as he used to, and discovered a program called Clean Eatz. Clean Eatz provides meal plans, meal prep, drinking foods, and even a coffee shop. In conjunction with his exercise regimen, Swan immediately started seeing results on both scales and how he feels physically. Taking care of himself is one of the biggest ways to help him be a successful NASCAR tire carrier!

With everything going on in Paul Swan’s busy life, from being a new dad to a reality TV star (of course, all the while still one of the top talents in NASCAR Austin Dillon and team), Swan definitely found a balance in taking care of himself and being the best member of the NASCAR crew.

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