poker player figurines from the WSOP Circuit King’s main event at the Chop Pot; Nobody caught him!

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You can put this in the “never seen that before” category of poker. Pierre Cawert Tuned in sixth place in WSOP Circuit main event in King casino On … get this … chopping bowl with heads up.

Yes, that’s right, he became the first player ever, at least in a live broadcast, to be eliminated from a tournament in a hand he didn’t actually lose. No one caught this bug, not even the broadcasters, and by the time it was discovered fate should have been cut, it was too late.

“It’s the responsibility of the player and the dealer and they can’t do anything about it at this point. If it doesn’t go live, it never will, and so we’re moving forward,” World Poker Tour Executive Director Matt Savagewhich was not related to the event, explained to Poker News When asked how he was going.

King’s Resort responds

Federico Brunato, the King’s Resort Poker Director, issued the following public statement regarding the hand:

Dear poker community,

I am sharing with you an interesting situation that happened at one of the annual WSOPC events.

I’m happy to be documenting on the live stream because it’s something that happens a lot during games and isn’t talked about much. With this post, I want to raise awareness and provide official advice to our poker community.

To start with our poker dealers, there are very highly trained professionals who go through a 6 week course before entering their career paths at King’s. I started out as a poker dealer at King’s and know the work ethic. The distributor in the clip is our dear Sona who has been a member of our family for 6 years. When it comes to our broadcasting standard, we do everything we can to ensure it is of the highest possible standard and thus Sona has been a constant member of our TV crew since her first steps in our team.

When it came to hand number 35 on the final day of WSOPC ME where Mr. Pierre Couer was disqualified and took home the staggering sum of €58,000. WSOPE ME ticket.

I would like to point out one of the most important rules of poker – always read your hand. At the end of the day, we are all human and we can all make mistakes, Sona is no exception. Although she has dealt with thousands of successful hands in her life, she unfortunately misread this one. However, together with Sona, Monsieur Pierre Caouer and all the other competitors sitting at the table misread a hand, which of course is very unfortunate. The hand was supposed to be split and we can now only guess how it will turn out in the course of the main event for Pierre Couer, perhaps now crowned champion with a golden ring, and perhaps eliminated in the next hand.

At the end of the day, I’d like to point out Rule #76 of the WSOP which states: The right to contest a hand ends when you start a new hand. This applies not only to the WSOP, but also to all regular poker games that are played.

To take advantage of this, I strongly advise the poker community not to criticize other people’s mistakes and not try to find guilty, instead learn from this, know your rights and follow your game because each occasion is individual in its own way.

Biggest poker mistake ever?

With five players in the main event at €1,700 remaining on Tuesday, and €171,000 for the winner, Kauert, a German player with only about $20,000 in previous Hendon Mob results, was in all his $1 million chips left with {j-space}{10 hearts}.

was against {k-Spades}{j-hearts} from lobo, which he easily covered. The pot was 2.2 million, which is a lot considering there were only about 35 million total chips in play.

poker fan on twitter (@tweet) Send us your video, which has been removed from YouTube live. The flip came {a-Hearts}{q-clubs}{6-Bestadi}, giving both players a direct shot. But the {j-diamonds} In exchange he gave them a pair, and Lobo’s player was superior.

Kauert needed a king to get a straight hand to win the hand outright or either a six or a queen to chop. The board paired when {6 diamonds} He appeared on the river, but no one seemed to notice that it was a cut pot.

Pierre Cauert and Lobo hug yet
Pierre Cauert and Louboutin embrace after the “bust”.

Kauert shook hands with the others at the table and went to collect his winnings (€58,350) at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Even the announcers didn’t catch it, even though the live broadcast graphics showed a “split” on the screen.

According to sources on the site, it has been decided that a player can only contest a hand before dealing with another hand. This is similar to an NFL coach failing a challenge to play before the other team has settled on the ball. In this case, the game continues and the previous play stands.

This story will be updated with any developments if and when they occur.

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