PPDS Unveils World’s Most Energy Efficient Digital Signage Series at ISE 2023 – RAVe [PUBS]

Unplug and play: PPDS Unveils World’s Most Energy Efficient Digital Signage Series at ISE 2023

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Tableau Philips PPDS

no plug? No problem: when introducing a new product category, PPDS became the first leading display world’s leading manufacturer offering full-size, full-color digital signage displays to the market, each Capable of providing live content 24/7 while running without power.

Amsterdam, January 2023 – PPDS, the exclusive global provider of professional Philips displays and solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of full-size, full-color ‘no power’ Philips Tableaux Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) signage. . Each is capable of delivering lively content 24/7, while operating completely offline and without using a single kilowatt of electricity.

Unveiled at the Philips stand (3P600) in Barcelona, ​​Philips Tableaux innovative PPDS displays mark the introduction of an entirely new product category in its ever-evolving range of professional displays (including digital signage, interactive displays, direct-view LEDs and professional TVs) .

PPDS’s new Tableaux displays are the first 60,000 color (including blue) ePaper signage solutions launched by a leading display manufacturer, part of a relentless focus and deep commitment to bringing high-impact, highly sustainable and more environmentally friendly solutions to the market. Designed to offer a range of new and exciting opportunities – including cost and energy savings – for clients operating in a variety of sectors, such as retail, corporate, public spaces and transportation.

Expanding the limits of possibility
Philips Tableaux Displays are available in 25-inch 16:9 and 28-inch 32:9 stretched variants at launch and are an ideal power-saving solution for businesses across sectors looking to digitize paper signage that presents messages such as store hours and schedules, menus, or promotions and displays, or for those looking to swap out their existing digital models (where features may exceed day-to-day requirements, adding unnecessary operating costs) with Android SoCs that are colorful, power-free, and easily upgradeable.

Ideal for any environment, including spaces with limited access or no access to power sources, Tableaux
The band will display content without even plugging it in or using power at all. Light enough to be easily moved around when needed, the displays only require connection to a power source when content is refreshing, and instantly revert to zero power when done. Content updates can be managed manually, or entirely remotely using in-house or third-party PPDS professional display control and management systems. The Philips Tableaux series will soon be compatible with the PPDS Wave cloud-based fleet management platform, designed and built exclusively for Philips professional displays.

No plug, no problem
PPDS has already received significant interest and orders from around the world, including for customers in the retail, corporate, hospitality, food and beverage, public spaces, transportation and healthcare sectors, following its global pre-launch at the Global Access: Future Tech Showcase prior to ISE.

More Philips Tableaux display sizes will be added in the coming months, with customers invited to learn more and to experience for themselves current and future plans of PPDS on the Philips 3P600 stand during ISE 2023.

Martijn van der Woude, Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS commented: There are many cases where digital signage is only used to display static images, which may only change once a day, sometimes less. For those, you don’t need a solution that provides a refresh rate of, say 60fps, or invest in technology that far exceeds the capabilities required to achieve the desired effect. With the Philips Tableaux Series of PPDS, businesses can achieve their goals and ambitions at a fraction of the operating cost, creating immediate savings for themselves and the environment.

“Sustainability is a top priority for many companies. In a survey conducted during the Global Access: Future Tech event, 68% of end customers said it was critical to the business, and 59% of sis said the same. At PPDS, we feel it is our duty to lead the industry In the face of this challenge, and to offer products that save energy and save the environment, without compromising the goals of digital display for customers.

PPDS’s commitment to sustainability has been reinforced over many years, and the company continues to cement this aspect as a key pillar in its strategy and future plans. Accelerating energy savings through 2023 to address escalating energy costs and support companies in achieving their sustainable and environmental goals and ambitions – including those set by local governments around the world – PPDS takes a leading role in developing technology to significantly reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint and resource use, Without compromising the quality of performance that Philips professional monitors are known for.

Frank Rasib, Vice President Global Commercial at PPDS, added: “At PPDS, our mindset is to listen to the market and lead from the front in delivering the solutions customers need, when they need them. Both sustainability and energy consumption are becoming an increasing part of the conversation and that’s something we’ve been very focused on in the last 12 to 18 months.

Today, here at ISE 2023, the latest examples of this strategy are on display, and we are delighted to be the first global market-leading manufacturer to offer full-size, full-color Tableaux displays. These offer incredible opportunities, allowing companies to digitize their business communications and messaging in ways never thought possible. They think it’s possible.The Tableaux series is the perfect complement to a wide range of incredible Philips professional monitors, providing customers with a full range of options and opportunities to suit their everyday – and extraordinary – needs.

Martijn van der Woude concluded: “We were already overwhelmed with interest in our Tableaux displays ahead of ISE 2023. This show is a game-changer for our customers and wider AV equipment.
Industry… delivering results that speak for themselves. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth 3P600 in Barcelona so you can see and experience it for yourself.”


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